Summer Skin Care Tips for Men

 Summer Skin Care Tips for Men

summer-skin-care-tips-for-menAs sun is more scorching in summer, its rays penetrate direct into skin causing acne, skin burn and dehydration in men. Skin becomes dead, flaky and oily that in turn generates other skin problems.

Men need to take care of their skin in summer to make it radiant and glowy. Here come some useful summer skin care tips for men that aim to treat and hale summer skin problems.

Skin cleansing

Men have 20% more oily skin and larger skin pores than women that’s why oil rise and acne is high in men’s skin. The only way to get rid of excess face oil is by skin cleansing using skin care products that contain natural elements to clog skin pores rather than using harsh chemicals.

Do a 10-15 minutes skin cleansing session before leaving for sun.

Exfoliate skin in summer

One of the summer skin care tips is to exfoliate skin for a flawless and smooth look. Take a jojoba based scrub and rub it smoothly over sun torn skin. It removes dead skin flakes leaving a smoother and softer skin. Don’t rub harshly as it reddens the skin.

Tone up skin in summer

Sun rays and environmental pollutants blacken men’s skin in summer and cause aging also. To avoid influence of these agents on face, regularly tone up your skin with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids. Men’s skin toning products combat ingrown hairs and reduce pores size also.

Skin nourishment in summer

Harmful factors of sun are always ready to attack your skin. So the best way is to keep your skin nourishing during summer. So, after cleansing apply a light moisturizer on your face. Consider sensitive areas of under eyes and lips surrounding especially, hydrating them evenly before going out in sun. Skin care products containing Vitamin E or chamomile are good one for skin nourishment.

Protect skin in summer

The main harmful factor for skin in summer is sun heat. If men’s skin is protected against it, half of the skin problems are not generated. So, don’t forget to apply sun blocks or sunscreen protecting chemicals on your face before exposure to sun.

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