Rock Hudson-Hot Style Icon

 Rock Hudson-Hot Style Icon

Rock HudsonThe all time style icon, Rock Hudson his style and charisma is a classic when it comes to men’s fashion. His simple and minimalistic look is surely the must-have for men as it is perfect for gentleman’s look.

Even today, millions of women drool over the classic sense of style and magic created by Rock Hudson as a style icon. Rock Hudson has been the most prominent and loved style icon when it comes to the style of 50’s and 60’s.

Rock Hudson in 50’s and 60’s

Something that makes Rock Hudson a much loved style icon is that he created a charm with a simple yet chic look. His trendy American wear as a style icon and minimalistic look brought a new wave in fashion arena during the 50’s and 60’s and created a look that is still one of the most loved looks all around the looks.

Clean Look by Rock Hudson

Men look the best when they maintain a simple yet classy look. And this is what Rock Hudson as a style icon depicted. Whether it comes to casual wear, semi-formal or formal wear; Rock Hudson had a perfect and clean look for all occasions and it is the style sense of Rock Hudson which is very obvious in almost each and every big retail store of America today.

Color Preferences by Rock Hudson

In color preferences, Rock Hudson as a classic style icon always chose to wear the ones that added an accent to his personality and class rather than creating a look of being too funky or dressy all the time. In menswear, Rock Hudson created a look that is there to last forever as it is not just for a particular era or time period, it is something which is loveable as a style icon style for a gentleman always.

Rock Hudson Everywhere

Whether on-screen or off-screen, Rock Hudson created his charisma as a style icon everywhere and Rock Hudson never chose such fashion accessories or clothing pieces that were over the top, rather; he as a style icon created the most irresistible looks with just regular stuff in menswear. According to Rock Hudson, fashion is all about being effortless and doing a mix and match of what you already have and that is what makes a difference as a style icon.

Less Complication by Rock Hudson

Minimizing the complications in clothing and dress up was one of the essential features of Rock Hudson style as a style icon. Too much of prints, colors, designs and patterns have always been a big “no” when it came to the wardrobe of Rock Hudson as a style icon. As a style icon, Rock Hudson preferred solid colors, classic prints and similar stuff that added glamour to a male’s personality by keeping up the masculinity.

Moreover, for Rock Hudson as a style icon, it was not just the clothes that make a personality; rather, maintaining a clean look as style icon by having a good hair cut, shave etc is essential too. Hence, Rock Hudson always maintained the perfect gentleman look as style icon and created a phenomenal example for men generations after generation. So, if you want to be as classy as Rock Hudson then follow his simple yet minimalistic look of dressing up and standing out as a style icon yourself.

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