The Best Men’s Bracelets Trend

 The Best Men’s Bracelets Trend

Once there was a time when watches are the only accessory for men that serve as an all-purpose accessory and stylish jewelry is only for women. While some men were initially reluctant to wear jewelry, they adopted the trend quite fast and found bracelets as a stylish way out to stand out from others.

Yes, that’s right! We are far ahead from an era where only watches could offer men pleasure to highlight their wrist. Playful and laid-back bracelets are the kind of jewelry which is most suitable to wear without feeling out of place or overdone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy event or a casual occasion, different and exclusive bracelets can offer individuals their uniqueness!

Keep it Simple

If you’re wondering how to carry this accessory with your style, remember the key lies in keeping it simple. Look for styles that go with your style and ensure that they are not too over the top. Be mindful of what you plan to carry as jewelry shouldn’t be forced and must match well with your existing wardrobe if you want to wear it regularly. Make sure you invest in good quality if it’s for daily use however; don’t be fooled by high price tags as cheap ones are never a bad option either!

Metal, leather, nautical, woven and beaded wrist wears are all trending, however, Men’s beaded bracelets have proved to be the most popular ones and are currently head and shoulders above the rest which is why we are here to guide you through it!

Cool beaded bracelets for guys

From high-end crystal to ethnic-inspired wooden beads to statement plastic ones, the diverse range in terms of designs is vast and it is best to offer everyone according to their taste.

A good part of the jewelry’s appeals stems from the fact that numerous styles can be created through it to finally have a look that is unique to every individual. You can alter the color, type, and quality, material of bead to create your customized combination where it is bold or timeless and monochrome. They show their versatility by adapting to various looks like grey scale and black beads are great to give a tailored outfit and edge while wooden beads are more natural and offer a heritage ensemble.

The true technique lies in giving an unexpected pop to your outfit rather than blending it with the same shade. However, matching it with the base tone of your shirt will give a subtle look. Adding a different element like this accessory, for example, an autumn/winter ensemble will also make one stand out from the crowd and by all mean looks a fashion statement.

Be Conscious of Your Attire

Your bracelets should conform to your dress codes. Even though they are great for a casual day, it should be avoided on formal or corporate clothing. For dressy attire, opt for the classic ones but your choices mustn’t be overly bulky. Now that you know all the basics, you’re ready to rock that beaded bracelet! Good luck!

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