Kate Moss-The Style Icon

 Kate Moss-The Style Icon

Kate MossThe model come super style icon, Kate Moss, is a wonderful inspiration for the young girls today to develop an indigenous style of their own so as to form a unique look for which people remember you for ages.

When we talk about the fashion icon, Kate Moss, all one can think of is London, the parties, the unimpeachable fashion sense and of course those fabulous legs. It has been stated many times that the style icon, Kate Moss, has an incredible model off-duty style. Though she does not possess the model’s height it has often been rumoured that the style icon, Kate Moss suffers from some sort of an eating disorder. Kate’s skinny body type has often become a topic of criticism for many style icon critiques. Many people still consider style icon’s skinny body as a hot figure.

Many young girls get inspiration from Kate Moss, the super style icon as she has done some coverage for an amazing winter street style. This style presented by the style icon, Kate Moss, can be seen as a source of intelligent marketing for the winter outfits. Kate Moss showed that this winter denim with black tights will be worn substantially. Or you can just leave your hair messy and dress up in black from head-to-toe. To cover the messy hair, style icon suggested going for a floppy hat or just a luxurious fur coat to hide that rough look. Kate moss style truly serves the title of the style icon and a motivation for the youngsters.

Besides that Kate Moss, the popular style icon was seen in cheetah prints, fur coats, sun glasses, boots just like super style icon come model.   For now we can assume that there is no question about Kate Moss being the super style icon and a personality to look up to. Recently many designers have also started to use her personal style to make their style collections. The designer, Marc Jacobs turned Kate Moss’s silver dress into a piece of resort line. The style icon wore that dress on the Met’s Costume Institute Gala. The dress which Kate Moss wore on her thirtieth birthday became a popular dress from the Top shop collection. At another occasion Kate wore a Swarovski dress to a fashion party.

Thus, the style icon, Kate Moss, successfully finds her in the headlines off and on. Her unique style sense has become part of many people’s fashion statement.

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