Daniella Sarahyba

 Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella SarahybaDaniella Sarahyba a Brazilian model is famous for her hot modeling appearance in the sports illustrated swimsuits. Daniella Sarahyba knows how to appeal the audience by the styles and sexy looks. Daniella Sarahyba is born on 8th July 1984 in Rio de Janerio.

Modeling is in family background of Daniella Sarahyba, her mother Tara Lucia Sarahyba is also the Brazilian National Model. Daniella Sarahyba is also be said as child model as she started her career at the age of three when she appeared on parenting magazine with her mother. But professionally Daniella Sarahyba started her modeling career at the age of 12. She has sultry good look which make her style icon. Daniella Sarahyba is keen cautious about her looks and styles which keeps her in the list of style icons.

Daniella Sarahyba is the beauty with the combination of cuteness and sexy look. She has big beautiful hazel eyes and cute dimples which makes her unique in beauty lane. No doubt she is blessed with God gifted beauty but to have beauty with style is her own effort and love with fashion. The style icon has gorgeous brunette locks and sexy curves. She has perfect height of 5.10 suitable for perfectly ramps. She has many sexy shots with Body painting.

Daniella Sarahyba contracts with some leading companies are the success of her stating career. She has given fantastic modeling for Vogue Homen, Nova, Sports Illustrated, ELLE, H&M, Benetton and GAP body. The style icon is now planning to move towards the TV series. It seems Daniella Sarahyba in her coming career will have Crowning achievements due to her talent. She is ambitious to host a TV show.

She quoted that “I don’t think sexy is just you show your boobs and whatever; be natural like you are… just be you and I think that’s sexy.”

We hope Daniella Sarahyba to have more successes in her upcoming career.

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