25 Things A Man Should Know About Style

 25 Things A Man Should Know About Style

Man Should Know About Style

  1. If you can slip two fingers between your neck and the buttoned collar of a new dress shirt, the shirt will fit comfortably after laundering.

  2. The shirt placket, the belt buckle, and the trouser fly should all line up.

  3. Speaking of belt buckles, the point of your tie should never fall below it.

  4. Rent no clothing.

  5. Ninety-dollar shoes last half as long as $180 shoes, but $360 shoes will last you your whole life.

  6. Three-hundred-sixty-dollar shoes will not last your whole life if you break their backs by refusing to use a shoehorn.

  7. Three-hundred-sixty-dollar shoes without a shine can look like $90 shoes.
  8. Women notice shoes.

  9. They also notice nose hair; so should you.

  10. Good shoes and a good haircut matter more than a great suit.

  11. Neckties decorated with cartoon characters, golf tees, or the paintings of dead rock musicians coordinate with nothing.

  12. It is never acceptable to loosen your tie, except during the process of its removal.

  13. You are in your car an hour each day; you are in your clothes from morning to night. Spend accordingly.

  14. The seat-belt shoulder strap goes under your necktie.

  15. You can’t wear a bow tie with anything other than a tuxedo if you’re under forty-five or not a famous novelist or not a total geek, professor.

  16. Very few people want to see you in compression shorts, and those who do might not be your target audience.

  17. Likewise tight, black leather pants, Mr. Bon Jovi.

  18. A $250 shirt will look like a $25 shirt if it is professionally laundered instead of hand washed.

  19. Still, you will be happiest if you regard dress shirts as disposable.

  20. By the way, this blue-shirt craze is getting really tiresome.

  21. Buy the lightest-weight tuxedo you can find, because dancing and drinking and scantily clad women cause formal affairs to become overheated.

  22. One ring, maximum. On a finger. Not from college. Not from high school. Silver or platinum, not gold.

  23. On airplane trips, briefs are more comfortable than boxers, as contents may shift during takeoff and landing.

  24. There are no bargains.

  25. A man in a good suit and tie looks chic; a man in a good suit without a tie looks more chic.

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