Top Skin care Tips For Men

 Top Skin care Tips For Men

SkincareDespite our best efforts to believe otherwise, winter is well on its way. As the mercury drops, it’s important for guys to change up their skin care regimen to reflect dropping temperatures, decreased humidity and deceptively high UV levels (yes, even in winter you can get a sunburn). With that in mind, we’ve assembled this list of 5 key elements on skin care that every guy should focus on, and the perfect products to get the job done.


Exfoliate for menAlthough skin cells slow down their production during colder months, it’s still essential to exfoliate throughout the winter months. We recommend exfoliating once a week to allow for the removal or dirt and dead skin cells while avoiding irritation or increased oil production of your skin. An added benefit of weekly exfoliation is that it preps the skin for a closer shave and greatly reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. Jack Black’s ‘Face Buff Energizing Scrub’ is a great product with added vitamin C & menthol to awaken and sooth tired looking skin. Available at Sephora for only $18 USD.


Moisturize for menDaily moisturizing is key all year, but it’s especially important when the air turns cold and humidity levels plummet. A high-quality moisturizer will keep skin looking tight and youthful immediately, while helping to reduce signs of aging and sun-damage over the years. A lot of guys baulk at the cost of some moisturizers, but you’d be surprised at how long a single bottle will last and what a difference it can make in your appearance and personal comfort.

Even if the sun might not be on your mind in the winter, it’s important to consider getting a moisturizer with a moderate SPF rating. Even when it’s cold out, the sun’s UV rays can be substantial, especially if reflected off snow or ice. If you’re worried about your skin type, check out our article on Top Men’s Moisturizers for a type-by-type breakdown of recommendations. Our personal favorite at EG is Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ SPF15 moisturizer. It’s non-oily and fast-absorbing, plus the SPF rating means that you skin will maintain some color while being protected. Available at Kiehl’s for $25USD.

Lip Service:

Lip Service for menThere are few things more aggravating than dry, cracked lips on a cold day; especially when preventing them is so easy and inexpensive. Just like with facial moisturizer, the inclusion of some SPF rating is important here since the skin on your lips is relatively fine and susceptible to damage. EvolutionMAN has a great lip balm that we’ve been testing out all summer. With an SPF rating of 15 it’s up to the task of protection. Plus, it has the added aesthetic benefit of a masculine matte-black package, so no one’s going to be mistaking this for your girlfriend’s chapstick. Available at EvolutionMAN for $10.


Eyecare drop for menThe skin surrounding your eyes is quite literally paper-thin, so it requires a little extra love to keep from making you look like you’re decades older than you are. Now, eye creams are generally more expensive than your standard moisturizers, but it’s important to keep in mind that you only ever apply very small amounts so a little goes a long way. Also, the skin around your eyes is the first thing people tend to notice, so it goes a long way towards looking your best when you take the time to properly care for it. We like this eye cream from Anthony Logistics, which works to reduce puffiness, dark circles and strengthens skin over extended use. Available now at Sephora for $28.


body for menAlthough not as sensitive as the areas mentioned above, your body will feel the effects of the long winter months and without proper care the dry conditions will take their toll. We recommend maintaining your usual cleansing regimen – whether that be bodywash, bar soap, whatever – but adding in daily moisturizing if you already don’t. Nothing fancy here, any pharmacy product will do the job. Just make sure it doesn’t have added fragrances which can cause you to smell like lilacs or bubblegum, and irritate your skin.


Bronzer for menHere at the EG offices, the jury has a verdict: a guy shouldn’t give in to using self-tanners during those dark winter months, ever. Rarely do they provide a realistic or consistent final result. The tips and products mentioned above may not give you a bronze glow, but they’ll help your skin look lively and healthy, which is better than any tan-in-a-bottle. A tan should be achieved on a beach with a beer in your hand, not in your bathroom or a strip-mall salon. Everyguyed

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