Top 5 Essential Hair Care Tips For Men

 Top 5 Essential Hair Care Tips For Men

Many men don’t realize this, but hair needs to be taken care of as much as any other part of the body. Caring for your hair goes beyond just washing it and styling it. You must wash it the right way, keep dandruff off the bay, remove grease and use the right products. Looking after you hair the correct way will also protect it from thinning out and breaking. So, how do you take care of hair.

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Haircare Tips
Top 5 Essential Hair Care Tips For Men

Shampoo Your Hair

Many believe that you should shampoo your hair every day. This is wrong. While this may seem hygienic what it actually does, it removes natural essential oils from the hair. The scalp produces protective oils naturally and shampooing every day leaves the hair and the scalp very dry. A dry scalp results in flakes/dandruff forming, causing itchiness. It is advisable to shampoo hair two or three times a week. Another important thing when it comes to shampooing hair is using the right shampoo. Find a shampoo that is good for your hair. Always check and choose a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is hard on hair and causes it to look dry and dull.

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Use War Water

Never wash the hair with hot water because the heat of the water tends to dry out hair. Do not use cold water to wash too. Renowned trichologist, Philip Kingsley, author of The Hair Bible says, “Cold rinses actually constrict the blood capillaries in the scalp. These tiny blood vessels carry nutrients and pick up waste products from the skin’s surface and need to be active for optimum effect; suddenly constricting them with cold water does your hair no good at all”.Always washing the hair and finishing with a warm rinse will make hair look healthy and shiny rather than frizzy and dull when it dries.

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Use Conditioner

Conditioning your hair should be a ritual. After shampooing, always condition your hair to restore oils lost through washing, to give the hair body and also to coat the hair so that it is tangle-free. A good conditioner will make the scalp healthy as well and we all know that a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Again, it’s important to use the right product. Other shampoos do more harm than good, so it’s important to get the right conditioner. Always check the label to see if it’s a silicone-free conditioner because silicone tends to make the hair dry and look dull over time.

Coarse Hair
Coarse Hair For Men

Pat Dry

Hair is weaker and more prone to damage when wet because water causes the keratin molecules in hair to stretch. That’s why it is important to pat the hair dry and not rub with a towel. Rubbing with a towel does not make it dry faster and it will just lead to hair breakage.

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Oil The Hair

Always oil your hair and scalp. Make sure to use an oil or cream that does not hold the hair down and also helps to control the frizz. Applying a small amount of oil in your hair while it is still wet will act as a leave-in conditioner. For greater results massage hair and scalp with coconut oil, tea tree oil, or almond oil before shampooing.

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