Why Do Looks Matter?

 Why Do Looks Matter?

Men GroomingYou might get jealous from people who have better looks then you. Do you know that it’s in your hands how you look? If you become choosey in what you wear and choose the one in which you look good will increase your looks too.

Let’s think for a minute. Have you ever noticed that whenever someone with good looks and wearing a branded suit comes he is treated well then others. He might be given more attention than others. If you are wearing a nicely stitched suit in an airplane then you might get an upgraded sea. If you are wearing sweatpants in a grocery store you will be given less attention and mostly be avoided. This is just the little example about how looks matter in daily life activities. You have been the same person when you were wearing a suit and when wearing sweatpants but what matters were the looks. You can easily now think how much does looks matter.If you accept the fact that looks matter then why not take advantage from it?

These are some common facts and everybody knows about it then what’s new in it? This will give you motivation that whenever you wake up in the morning and choose what to wear, choose what’s best for you and it will make your day and looks better.

One best reason to take care of your looks is to attract girls. Whenever you meet opposite sex first time the first thing she will notice is the looks. If you pass the looks test then you will get the further permission to talk to her. Research was done and men with different attires were presented and women opted for men who were nicely dressed. This shows that looks also matters to women like it do to men. So if you want to attract opposite sex then for that purpose you have to look after your looks. To make your looks better you don’t have to have big bank accounts. It is just how you look after yourself and carry yourself.

If you are the person for whom career comes first then woman, then you should know that a survey was done in America about looks. The survey result claimed that people have a perception that a person who is well dressed is a person who earns more money. 22% of Americans also admitted that if they had better looks then they would be making more money than they are presently doing. This shows that for career oriented men looks matter. If you have good looks then at your workplace you will be respected more and there are chances that you will be promoted sooner than others.

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