Top 5 Winter Men Fragrances

 Top 5 Winter Men Fragrances

May it be any part of year, or any moment of the day, fragrances are an essential part of your grooming and personality. If you smell good, you will feel good which ultimately leads to better confidences. Therefore, fragrances are very important for each and everyone and choosing the right kind of fragrances which meet an individual’s style and personality is a must. Here’s a look at top 5 winter men’s fragrances which are hitting the top lists of many big celebrities and they have a personal favorite for winter men fragrances amongst these fragrances.

1.    True Religion Drifter

True Religion DrifterIf you like fragrances in winter men fragrances that are truly created with the scents and fragrances of natural blessings like fruits, fresh wood etc then True Religion Drifter is one of the best fragrances for you. It is amongst the unique fragrances in winter men fragrances and has a good balance of fruits and herbs.

2.    Bleu De Chanel

Bleu De ChanelIn fragrances, Bleu De Chanel is considered to be one of the masterpieces of fragrances for men. In winter men fragrances, it takes the second place and a die-hard favorite amongst fragrances for many. The mystic yet fresh notes make this one of the irresistible winter men fragrances.

3.    One Million

One MillionIf you want to give a treat to your nasal cavity with spell-binding fragrances in winter men fragrances then One Million by Paco Rabanne is the ultimate choice in winter men fragrances for you. The freshness of mint and grapefruit blend in most wonderful way with rose and Patchouli is surely something new and loveable in winter men fragrances for top fragrances of 2011.

4.    Hot Water

Hot WaterDavidoff’s Hot Water is a classic for all season in fragrances. It is for all those who want something spicy yet classy in winter men fragrances. Since its launch till today, nothing has come that can beat Hot Water in terms of its spiciness in fragrances and sex appeal. Ideal for a weekend night out or a seductive date night with your lady love, this is one of those fragrances in winter men fragrances which will compliment you and your charm.

5.    The One Gentleman

The One GentlemanThe One Gentleman by Dolce and Gabbana is one of those fragrances in winter men fragrances which got sheer love by the lovers of fragrances the instant it got launched in September 2010. This year, it is one of the top 5 winter men fragrances and truly loved by women for their partners. The main mix of the notes of vanilla, pepper, cedar wood and Patchouli make it truly one of the best gentleman’s fragrances in winter men fragrances.

So dunk yourself into the magic of these wonderful fragrances in winter men fragrances and be an irresistible temptation by adding another charm to your charisma through these fragrances.

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