Tips to Prevent Premature Greying

 Tips to Prevent Premature Greying

Some people say that grey hair is a sign of wisdom but greying at an early age is an embarrassment especially for a young person. Prevent Premature GreyingSome people say that grey hair is a sign of wisdom but greying at an early age is an embarrassment especially for a young person. Premature greying is discomforting as it makes a person look older than his/her actual age.

There are many causes of premature greying and if you are fighting with premature greying, you must observe what could be causing it and also follow some preventive measures:

In some cases premature greying occurs due to the intake of diet that lacks essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, iodine and iron.

Stress and anxiety cause greying at an early age.
Use of concentrated hair dyes.
Hormonal imbalance
Problem with the thyroid gland
Hair turns grey when colour-producing cells cease to produce the pigments that give colour to hair. Constant exposure to sun turns hair follicles weak and decreases their capacity of producing pigments.
Constipation can also cause greying.
Electric dryers also damage hair and are known as a reason for premature greying.
Excessive consumption of tea or coffee.
High intake of oily foods.
Drinking alcohol
Anaemia is also associated with greying of hair.
Washing hair with hot water has adverse effects on hair.
Unclean scalp makes the roots of hair weak. Oil and dirt prevent the supply of blood to the hair shaft that causes greying.

The greying of hair also depends upon a person’s genetic inheritance. Premature greying is not a good experience and it is stressful if a person is particular about his/her appearance as greying changes the overall appearance.

Here are some tips to prevent premature greying:

Avoid using shampoos that contain harmful chemical ingredients because they damage the hair and make the follicles weak.

Avoid changing shampoos constantly. Try to use products that contain natural ingredients. Use mild shampoos and conditioners. Wash your hair daily and take care of your scalp; this will help in preventing greying.

Avoid drinking too much coffee and tea.
Limit the intake of oily foods to stop premature greying.
Amla oil and coconut oil is beneficial for hair.Oil massaged into the scalp makes the follicles strong. Amla oil strengthens the hair follicles; apply oil 2 times a week. Massaging coconut oil is a proven remedy to stop greying. Regular massage also helps in improving the circulation so massage your scalp with fingertips daily.
Eat well; diet plays an important role in the prevention of grey hairs.Take a diet rich in protein and iron. Eat green vegetables and yogurt. Include foods in your diet that contain minerals, Vitamin A and B. Eat curry leaves.
Fresh fruits like blackberries and pineapples are good for hair.
Kill the stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the most common causes of greying and it is almost unavoidable. Beat the stress as it is necessary to prevent premature greying.
Use Omega-3 shampoos as they protect the hair from greying.
Melanin is a chemical found in the human body which gives colour to the hair. To protect hair from greying, melanin can be directly applied to the hair.
Cow’s milk butter is good for the hair as it protects hair against greying. You can eat butter or apply it directly on hair.
Eating black raisins daily and an equal amount of black pepper with hot milk is great for treating grey hair.
Start taking multivitamins after consulting your doctor.
Include soybean in your diet; it contains many essential nutrients such as copper and manganese that are good for protecting hair.
Eat turnip and spinach as these vegetables contain copper which helps in stopping greying.
Avoid colouring your hair and using hair dye because they damage the natural melanin.
Use iodized table salt.
Above mentioned are some simple tips that will surely help you protect your hair and prevent premature greying.

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