Intelligent people prefer to be alone, they love reading and have a great sense of humor

 Intelligent people prefer to be alone, they love reading and have a great sense of humor

Studies have revealed that the more intelligent you are, the funnier you are too. The two attributes for this amazing trait are high IQ and a high level of creativity. According to research done at the University of New Mexico and from the University of Western Ontario, having good humor is a sign of strong cognitive abilities and cognitive fitness.

Hammett on Quora says intelligent people are “willing to accept and consider other views with value and broad-mindedness,” and that they are “open to alternative solutions.”. They are open-minded, they are not judgmental and they trust other people easily.

Highly intelligent people are very individualistic. Research published in the British Journal of Psychology reveals that intelligent people tend to derive less satisfaction from socializing and interacting with others. That essentially means intelligent people prefer to be alone, share their moments with themselves, and like their own company. Scientists explain why smart people prefer fewer friends. Research says intelligent people prefer reading and they educate themselves by reading a lot of different content.

Do you know, two out of three richest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett read 50 books a year.? When asked, Warren Buffett said; he loves reading biography of different famous personalities.

Intelligent people also have a longer life span. This is mainly due to genes. Their genes make them smart and that is why they have a low mortality rate. Intelligent people live longer because they are cautious about their health, they don’t smoke, they sleep well, and like exercising to make them happy and healthy.

Intelligent people are also very selective about the words they speak. They are extremely cautious of their reputation and do hold back to their views about people and their experiences.

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