How to Improve Body Language

 How to Improve Body Language

Improve Body LanguageThrough body language a person express his feelings. Without uttering a single word a man can tell others about his moods like happiness, sadness, pleasure or boredom.

In body language we communicate our message through facial expressions, movements and gestures.

Experts say that men are more competent in hiding their feelings due to better control over their body language .Here are some points to elaborate negative body language and tip to overcome them. These points will also help us to know that what the body language is.

  •  Touching Your Face during a Conversation especially on the nose is commonly interpreted as an indication of deception. Always keep your hands away from your face when you’re speaking.
  • Resting Hands behind the Head or on the Hips usually interpreted as a sign of superiority or big headedness.  Only use these gestures when you’re in the presence of close friends.
  • Increasing Rate of Blinking is a clear sign of anxiety.  Some people start blinking their eyes really fast when they get nervous .Good control over eye blinking is very important positive factor in body language.
  • Crossing Your Arms is a sign of defensive resistance. Body language experts also interpret it as a sign of egotism.  Always try to keep your arms open and at your sides.
  • Foot and Finger Tapping usually indicates stress, impatience or boredom.  Monitor your habits and practice keeping your limbs at rest.
  • Sitting on the Edge of Your Chair is a clear indication of being mentally and physically uncomfortable. Keep your rear end firmly planted on the surface of the seat.  When you lean forward, use your back without moving your bottom.
  • Repeatedly Shifting Body Weight from Foot to Foot is another gesture that usually indicates mental and physical discomfort.  People may also see this and assume that you’re ready to abandon the conversation, especially if you’re not directly facing them.  Don’t shift your feet around more than once every 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Standing too close is one of the things that can annoy anybody. So avoid being very close and letting others to have their personal space.
  • Don’t hold your drink in front of your chest and by lowering it hold beside your leg to avoid inconvenience.
  • Listen carefully during the discussion and reply the questions asked with the same tone of other partner’s voice. This will prove your equal strength and other one will pay you more attention.
  • Smile and laugh should be in a moderate manner. Don’t take you too seriously and laugh when hear something funny. Don’t be the first to laugh at your own jokes.

Understanding above mentioned tips will clarify that what is the body language. On the other hand by following these body language tips one can improve its lacking of personality and become more confident to attend every kind of meetings.

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