Food That Improves your Look

 Food That Improves your Look

There is a saying whatever you eat it comes to the appearance. Whatever we eat has an impact on the skin and health so it is really important that one should know what to eat. Whatever you eat first do a little research that is it good for your looks or worse.

Here we will talk about some cuisines which are can improve your look.


Everyone knows that how healthy spinach is. A famous cartoon character Popeye’s always eat spinach whenever he has to do some work. Spinach is a very rich food, it is full of iron and it is really good for the skin. Spinach is good for the health because it is good for eyes. Try to eat spinach in salads and in other forms like to make a gravy on it. If you want to have a perfect skin than green vegetables are necessary so eat spinach almost once a week.


Another important food which can improve your look is eggs. The egg is the immediate source of energy and one can eat it anytime and anywhere. Eggs are full of iron and iron is really good for hair, if one is going through hair fall than an egg is best for them. Even egg can be applied on hair, as it makes the hair shiny and smooth. Always take an egg in the breakfast to stay young and healthy.


A banana is a complete diet. It is full of nutrients. The other benefit of eating a banana is that it gives elasticity to the skin. The banana has all the vitamins in it which is necessary for your skin. It is a complete skin diet. One can also apply the banana on the skin and can see the difference.


Another fruit which improves the look is guava. Guava is full of antioxidants and the benefit of I it that can make your skin look fresh and removes the dull. It is the fruit which is full of vitamin C so eat one guava in a day.

Grape seed Oil

This a the oil which is used a salad dressing and it is also used in the making of Italian breads. This oil is full of vitamin E, and as you know that vitamin E is good for the skin. This vitamin helps to remove the wrinkles of the skin. It is better to eat this oil rather than using expensive vitamin e creams.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is best food that improves the look is red cabbage. It is a cleanser for the skin, it cleans the skin from the inside. It is great against acne. Add red cabbage in the salad and try to eat it every day.


Milk is a complete diet. It Nourishes the skin and provides all the calcium to the skin. Milk also works as an anti wrinkle cream. It makes the bone and muscles stronger and is best for the hair and teeth. One should drink more milk at growing age.

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