Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

 Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

You may think that dressing up and doing any makeup will make you look appealing and attractive to your men. However the reality is different. There are some serious beauty mistakes that you make when you are doing makeup for any event or day.

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Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

These mistakes might not seem to be odd to you and might not really seem mistakes to you however these mistakes can actually turn your men or man off very badly. This is why when you are dressing up or doing some make up try to keep everything in mind. Here are some beauty mistakes whichturn men off badly and kill the event for you. Here are some great beauty tips for men attention seeking and keeping them happy.

Medium Perfume

Your perfume says a lot of about your personality. If you do not wear a perfume at all you stink and that gives a very careless image of you implying that general hygiene is not of much concern to you. On the other hand when you wear a lot of perfume you project a very loud image of yours which can piss people off to a great extent. In all beauty tips for men and women you will find the idea of wearing a medium perfume that does not give the other person a put off.

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Caked on Base

This means that when you are applying base or whitening cream on your face do not over apply it. In all beauty tips for men and women especially that for women you will see that keen emphasis is laid on having natural base. According to all beauty tips for men and women the lighter and more natural your base is the fresher you look and give a very youthful and attractive image of yours. Men should also ensure that they do not carry heavy creams or bases while they are stepping out for a shoot or any event, say all the beauty tips for men. Of course you do not want to look like a vampire and scare your partner.

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Over Done Eye Make Up

When you are dressing up for any normal or formal event make sure that you do not over do your eye makeup. It is clearly mentioned and emphasized repeatedly in all beauty tips for men attraction seeking that doing a lot of heavy makeup on your eyes can actually piss men off instead of attracting them. You may want to put on some liner, mascara, kohl and some eye shade however carrying heavy shades with smoky eyes and striking colors can actually be a great for all men out there unless there is a formal event.

Dry Skin

In all beauty tips for men and women you will see that dry skin is shunned like anything. just imagine that when dry skin patches or the dryness on your face appears it ruins all your beauty and you start looking inappropriate. According to beauty tips for men and women dry skin and all its sign are a major put off for men as well as women. Hence all beauty tips for men and women say that you should apply some moisturizer, lotion or cold cream if you have dry skin to avoid putting off men and women. homepage You can find a lot of moisturizing creams and agents in the market which give fruitful results.

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Yellow-Tinged Teeth

We all know that nobody wants to kiss a yellow teethed woman or man. Hence according to all beauty tips for men and women you should make sure that your teeth appear white and shining. This is because having yellow teeth gives and untidy and diseased image of you. Hence try to clean your teeth as white as possible. You can use whitening toothpastes and homemade remedies for cleaning your teeth. However if nothing helps you can go to a dentist and get a dentistry treatment.

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