A guide to improving your complexion

 A guide to improving your complexion

We all know that if we look good we are more confident. And self-confidence is the single most important factor leading to greater prosperity in life. Men are more aware of the way they look than ever before. Here’s a simple guide for you men to get healthier, fresher, and younger-looking skin.

Respect your skin

Develop a skin care routine for your particular skin type. If you have been neglecting your complexion start right away to improve it. It’s never too late. What you do today will show up in your skin in the future. Exfoliate twice a week to rid your skin of dead cells. Have regular facials. They will help to de-puff and de-stress the complexion. And use a suitable moisturizer to keep your skin supple.

Eat a balanced diet

What we put in our bodies will show on our skin. If you eat fatty foods and junk your skin will reflect that, so give your skin proper nutrition. Try to eat at least five portions of fresh vegetables or fruits every day. This should be quite easy if you have three pieces of fruit as desserts or snacks, plus a salad or a portion of vegetables with two meals. Lack of proper nutrients makes your immune system less able to fight bacterial infections, including those on the skin.

Keep your skin hydrated

One of the commonest causes of tired-looking skin is dehydration, both on the surface and throughout the body. Aim to re-hydrate your body by drinking two liters of water a day. It is best to spread the consumption of water in small amounts over the course of the day to be sure it is properly absorbed. This should ideally be taken as plain or lightly flavored, unsweetened water and not tea, coffee or other caffeine-containing or sugary drinks. Caffeine prevents your body from making good use of the vitamins and minerals from your food. And avoid excessive alcohol intake.

Plenty of rest to distress

Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. A lack of sleep will show up under your eyes as dark circles or bags. Proper rest will also benefit your body and your life. Skin is the body’s largest organ and needs to repair itself while we sleep.

Make time for exercise

Maintain a regular exercise schedule. Exercise gets the blood moving and creates a healthy body. What’s more according to researchers at London’s King’s College, three hours of exercise per week can actually slow-down the ageing process

Breath of fresh air

Get lots of fresh air but avoid prolonged exposure to wind and cold as this can dry out and age the skin.

Benefit from Sunshine

The sun releases Vitamin D naturally in the skin. This should be limited to an hour a day as the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause irreversible damage and in the worst case lead to skin cancer. Avoid tanning beds as they cause more harm than good. Always wear sunglasses to avoid squinting.

Hair Style and Eyebrow

Your hairstyle is very important to the way you look. Most people have it sorted. But make sure you give some attention to your eyebrows too. Well-groomed eyebrows can act like a mini facelift and make your face look a lot more youthful.

If you smoke, give up

Nicotine does not help you keep a healthy skin. It attacks the blood vessels that feed the skin with nutrients and oxygen, as well as those that drain away the waste products from the skin. Your skin therefore becomes poor at ridding itself of unwanted substances and in severe cases also starts to lack oxygen.

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