5 facial hair ideas for men

 5 facial hair ideas for men

facial hair is a very important part of how a man looks like and it plays an important role in making him look stylish


The mustache has been around as a men’s facial hair style for centuries, but it remains an eternal look with a plethora of variations. Young men, between the ages of 18 and 35, normally do not look good with a bushy mustache. If you are older, a mustache can help to hide your lessening lips, let the hair fall just slightly over the top of the upper lip to create an allusion that your lip is fuller than it is. A good rule to follow when trimming a mustache is to follow the natural arch of your top lip – every mouth is different, and you want your mustache to match your face.


If you work in a typical office setting, this facial hairstyle is not likely to be well-received by your boss. However, if you are a student, artist, musician, or something else of that nature, this is a great look to try out – and you undoubtedly don’t need to be a stylist to create this look. All you have to do is let your facial hair mature on your chin in a patch that is about the size of the bottom of your chin.


Young men with full beards like this will inevitably look about a decade older, and that normally isn’t desirable. They can also make some men look threatening and cold. You really need to remember to smile when you have a full beard or you will be very distant, especially if you are younger than forty.


A goatee is something between a miniature beard and a mustache. It is basically a circle of facial hair that wraps over your lip, around your mouth, and across your chin. If you aren’t self-assured with your shaving skills, grow out your facial hair to the length that you want your goatee to be, and then go to a hairstylist to get your first goatee.


If you want facial hair, but you don’t feel relaxed with a beard or mustache style, you should give sideburns a try. Young men look chiefly attractive with sideburns, and any man with high cheekbones will look very remarkable with this style. In general, men with pointier chins look better with pointed sideburns, and men with more square-shaped chins look better with squared-off sideburns

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