10 Superb ways to Impress Father-in-law

 10 Superb ways to Impress Father-in-law

How to Impress Father in lawWhen a person gets married, he is not only getting married to another person but is going to have a whole new family that is his in-laws. To keep your partner pleased one must have a good relationship with the in-laws and mostly importantly the father-in-law. For having a good relationship one must have a good impression from the beginning and even if the impression is not really good you can still make a difference by following a few things.

Be active

Whenever your father-in-law is around you should not act lazy or lethargic because that might kill your impression in front of him. Old people like to see active young people, so it goes for both men and women that they must do all the work and help their spouse at least in front of him.

Everyone likes presents

Presents are not just for kids, elderly people also like to have presents on special occasions or otherwise. You don’t have to be spending a lot on the present it can be something in a very normal price range but the only tricky part in buying a present for your father in law is to be choosy while buying stuff. You may buy a shirt, a pair of shoes, a wallet or cologne but that must be up to the standard.


Another important factor for impressing your father in law is representing a good personality by a decent dressing sense. They don’t expect you to be formal or something of that sort but they want you to have a healthy and decent attire because all they want is respect.

Giving time and listening

If your father-in-law is above his 60’s or older you just need to give him a lot of time by sitting with them or taking them out to have a conversation. Old people need someone to be around them to listen to them. They also tend to say and repeat same things again and again, just get used to it and don’t make them realize that they already said that.

Be polite:

You should have a polite attitude in front of him and show him the respect he deserves.

Call him often:

If you cannot meet him on regular basis or you live far away then you must call him often and ask for health and have a random conversation.

Never discuss fights

Couples do fight and there can be a numerous reasons behind that fight, people often discuss their fights with others. Make sure that you do not discuss the fights with you parents in law and if necessary you can consult your mother-in-law.

Seek advice:

After your own parents, parents-in-law are the best source to seek advice and if you seek an advice from them they feel good about it. They feel involved in the family which helps you impress them.

Treat your wife well in front of him:

You must always treat your wife in a good manner but it must be a little better in front of parents in law, so that they feel that their child is in good caring hands. Even if you have had a fight, just pretend that everything is normal.


Do not get too nervous or conscious while he is around because that might give him an impression that you are not comfortable when he is around or he might sense that there is something wrong. Secondly, learn to forgive and forget while not expecting too much. This easy rule will make your life a lot easier.

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