What Men Want Women to Wear on a Date

 What Men Want Women to Wear on a Date

Your breath is fresh, your hair is cut and you’re dressed perfectly. It’s clear you’ve gone out of your way to look good for this date. And hopefully, the person you’re meeting has, too. Sure, you can’t control what she decides to wear, but with any luck, the labour she put in will align with yours.

Whether you’re hitting up a classy cocktail lounge or seeing the premiere of a new rom-com at your local theatre, it’s not about the price you’ve spent on your outfit. Instead, there needs to be a greater focus on the look itself.

While women often have her go-to items that they prefer men to sport, a few fashion-forward gentlemen gave their take on what they think ladies should opt for when getting dolled up for a date.

A Signature Eau De Toilette (Scent)

While some women may not think much about their scent, it’s something that a lot of men take note of as soon as you enter into their space. If you’re looking to catch his attention, don’t be shy with the spritzing. Expert says, “nothing sexier than a woman that smells really good.”

The Scent is one of the strongest triggers for memory, and if you spend the time to find your signature scent, you’ll literally be unforgettable.”

We highly recommend spending a bit more on a luxury scent. “They’ll have less of a chemical nostril burn cheap scents tend to have, have more complex layers, and there’s less of a chance another woman will be wearing the same thing.”

A Bold and Beautiful Accessory

Whether it’s the first or third outing, you want to make sure you leave your date with a lasting impression. Obviously, you’re hoping they remember you for something such as your impeccable taste in clothing, and not because you forgot you were allergic to peanuts. Guys are observant, and frankly, they are often fans of things that pop or stand out.

An Unexpected Outfit

A woman in a leather jacket, t-shirt, tight black jeans is expected. You know what she’s about. But the dress throws that narrative off. She’s feminine with a bit of badass edge.

It’s a bit unexpected, and that creates mystery. And that’s sexy. It makes me want to lean in and get to know her more.” And if he wants to lean in… it means you’re doing something right.

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