First impression leaves an everlasting impact

 First impression leaves an everlasting impact

first impression leaves an everlasting impactWe’ve all heard, and probably cursed at the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Here we talk about those realities of men’s grooming, which are mostly ignored by men.

Yes, it is the first impression that leaves an everlasting impact. Be it the beautiful girl you are dating for the first time, or be it your first interview! If your first impression was with hair disheveled and out of place, you’ll always be recalled as ‘wild haired guy’ no matter how much prim and proper you become afterwards, so consider these facts of men’s grooming seriously.

Talking about women particularly, first impression does leave an everlasting impact in their heart, and for them the Mr. Perfect would be the one with great first impression. After a perfect first date, she’ll never be able to stop herself thinking about how good you looked and felt!

Want to make a super hot first impression on your date? Men’s grooming tips are compulsory for you to learn the art of being totally perfectly mesmerizing with girls! Woo their heart with your charming personality! Read ON!

Dress to Kill!

Dress to kill is not about donning a perfect dress! It’s about little details that girls notice. Make sure your hair are super stylish, your nails, nose and ears are clean. Your dress is properly ironed and your shoes are clean. Plus don’t overload yourself with fragrance as it will turn women off. Subtler the better! When it comes to women! Also read here Lure your woman with 8 Sexy Fragrances.

Ask, Don’t tell!

Remember you want to make a good first impression so it’s your job to please your partner not yourself. The key to pleasing women on first date is letting them talk as much as you can. Ask her questions and let her speak and make her feel she is the center of attraction. The more you’ll listen attentively, the more she is gonna like you!

Get Physical

By getting physical, I don’t mean you start touching her on the very first date, because that will give her a hell bad first impression. It means physical grooming of men’s body language to dominate and to make an irresistible long lasting impact, look into her eyes and lean forward when you talk. Listen attentively and look at her, when she talks. Appear energetic and attentive, women find attentive man very attractive.

Name does a lot!

Women respond to their, more than any other word. Use her name in the conversation a couple of times as it will excite her heart and brain. But using it too much will become obvious that you are faking it. Just use it at the right moment and she’ll get hooked with you.

These are simple yet little gestures to grooming men’s personality that can surely leave an everlasting impact on her heart and mind. And you will surely leave her craving for another meeting! Enjoy! Read if you want to know more about Men’s Grooming.

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