The Increasing Trend in Jewelry for Men

 The Increasing Trend in Jewelry for Men

Men’s jewellery consists of everything starting from necklaces to bracelets, earrings to rings and even nose rings and anklets; you name it and men’s jewellery fashion trends have all of them in it.

Gone are the days when jewelry was considered an important element for enhancing the beauty and elegance of women. Now jewelry for men is equally important and special attention is being given for its designing. In fact, it is not just the jewelry for men or women that is separately in demand, now just like clothes and other stuff, unisex pieces in jewelry which are wearable by both, men and women are seen everywhere.

Chains and Necklaces

Chains and necklaces are those trends in men’s jewelry that are the most popular ones since ages. Dog tags with silver ball chains became a global fashion in men’s jewelry trends which is said to be originated from the dog tags worn by military personnel with their personal information engraved on it. Thread like necklaces, regional necklaces adorned with beads and hand crafted charms, exquisite diamante necklaces and many other forms in chains and necklaces are a major style statement in jewelry for men. Necklaces are also very popular in men’s jewelry as many men wear their religious signs and symbols in their necklaces as a locket like Christians wear a Cross.


The second most popular trend in jewelry for men is the extensive use of rings by men. Rings have been worn as men’s jewelry since primitive times. Ancient Greek men and Gods are often related with signature designs in different trends of men’s jewelry in rings.

There are endless designs for rings in jewelry for men. Starting from engagement and wedding rings which are sophisticated and classy to funky and gothic rings with skulls, Scorpios and other such interesting things made on them.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are those pieces of men’s jewelry that are primarily for men only. They are the ones which give a distinctive style and impart classiness in men. Cuff links are like formal pieces of men’s jewelry worn with dress shirts and formal suits. We see an endless variety of cuff links in men’s jewelry like cufflinks with precious and semi-precious gold settings, customized cuff links, gold and silver cuff links etc. They are indeed the most preferable and most popular pieces of jewelry for men.

Funky Anklets and Nose Rings

These days, the trends from the punk and street style fashion trend are very much popular amongst the youth. Although, they are the craziest of fashion trends and have the extreme kind of designs in jewelry for men but still many people love them deeply Nose rings, a fashion trend in jewelry worn by the women in east is now becoming a global fashion. Many men are opting for nose rings in jewelry for men may the nose rings worn as studs or proper piercing has to be done for them. In fact, many style icons and celebrities are seen to adopt this trend in jewelry for men.

While, funky anklets are something which look ideal in summers in jewelry for men and they look cool on beaches. Many beach loving men choose beaded ankles to be worn as a part of men’s jewelry on beaches and during summer holidays.

So, be a spot and try out these trends in jewelry for men to make your own style statement and look the trendiest of all.

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