Perfect Summer Shirt

 Perfect Summer Shirt

perfect summer shirtThere’s a time during every winter that I pray for the sun and daydream about getting into just a t shirt and not layers of artificial skin that we cover ourselves to keep that boisterous winter breeze out.  Sooner than I can say ‘dog day afternoon’ it’s summer time already and I have found myself standing in front of my wardrobe not being able to decide what layer of skin to slip into.

However men need to keep a few things in mind that they should be pondering over while they go out on one of their shopping ventures just so they don’t make an absolute fool out of themselves by being the center of attention- in a bad way.

Choosing colors when it comes to summer shirts are usually bright and light all happy and cheerful. However colorful and friendly as they might appeal to you, there is a serious point that needs to be understood when it comes to perfect summer shirts. Sweat stains, more commonly occurring in the arm pits and sometimes on the back as your shirt may stick to your skin should not at all be evident. I think it’s one of the greatest turn offs to anyone you are socializing with. Choose a dark color such as a blue or a black for your mornings when the sun is shining the brightest, save your lighter shades of summer shirts for night time.

Keep in mind that you’re either Justin Beiber or Arnold Schwarzenegger   and not the both at the same time. So unless your triceps and biceps aren’t large enough to suffocate your arms, do not go for well fitted tee’s. Keep it a little loose, give yourself some breathing space and see how that shall help you run through avoiding your sweat stains on your summer shirt.

A perfect summer shirt for men is definitely one that has a collar as the back of your neck is most susceptible to getting a sun burn and even consequent to headaches when you try and save your face from being tarnished by the sun.

If you’ve got a hairy chest, flaunt it and not daunt it.  Keep it open, keep it showing because women love a little bit of those keratin sheathed threads and even more do they love having them rolled around their fingers.

Summer shirts for men must never be chosen by their mothers and if a man hasn’t bought one in the longest time, I would recommend he has a female friend with a broad taste in fashion to help them pick the perfect shirt.

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