How to Move In Style with Leather Bag

 How to Move In Style with Leather Bag

A leather overnight bag is the perfect travel companion. Stand out at the airline gates as you leisurely rock your bag. The airport tends to be full of a bunch of people half asleep, wearing comfy clothes, with a backpack or canvas bag at their side. No matter what you decide to wear, your bag will set you apart and show off your style.

In the past, there has been some stigma against men wearing a bag, but it is almost 2019 for Pete’s sake, and a man is finally allowed to keep his pockets free of clutter and his jeans stretch and wrinkle-free!

When wearing your leather weekend bag, you don’t have to worry if others think you’re sporting a purse, this bag is by no means a purse nor looks like one. It will only make you stand out in a good way as it portrays confidence, ease, sophistication, and shows that you know a thing or two about style. The ladies will love it and may be excited that finally, you can carry her things in your bag – not the other way around.

What we love about leather overnight bags is that it is hard to go wrong when styling an outfit with one. These bags usually come in subtle colors that match well with nearly anything, unless you choose a wild orange or pink obviously! Even better is that the bag itself looks very polished and professional, even the most dressed down outfit would be saved by a fine leather overnight bag.

For a trip across the country, wear a pair of dark jeans with a soft feel so you can lay back during the flight, pair them with a cotton white tee, a black zipped up jumper, with a brown waxed coat and brown dress shoes. This outfit will keep you comfortable and will look great with a brown leather weekend bag. Go from the airport to a business meeting in style, or meet the lady for dinner and drinks.

A weekend bag is ideal for a trip, but can quickly become your favourite work bag. It will easily fit your laptop, documents, and still, have room for your lunch and your water flask. If you choose to use a weekend bag for work, find one in a neutral colour like grey, black, brown, tan, or even navy blue.

For a work outfit that keeps you in good graces with the boss, but still looks amazing outside of the workplace, go for a pair of black trousers, a button up top in olive or in your favorite color and a pair of brown dress shoes. Bring a leather jacket to work and throw it on once the workday is over for a refined “ready to go out” look. Throw your leather bag over your shoulder and you, my fine chap, are ready for some after work drinks and happy hour. Just don’t drink too much that you forget your bag at the bar!

Rock your bag at even the most fashionable events like Paris fashion week, or a high society event in London. Go for a black leather bag to throw over your shoulder and style it with a standout outfit, think head turning with unique color and pattern combinations that work well and create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Wear a pair of colored pants, perhaps a mustard yellow, throw on a red form-fitting blazer with a unique patterned top peeking out on the chest, wear plain black shoes and add your black leather bag.Both the outfit and the bag will make each other stand out, and this is what you need in an outfit, especially at a fashion event!

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