Louis Vuitton Creates Exclusive Travel Bags for the Stunning BMW i8

 Louis Vuitton Creates Exclusive Travel Bags for the Stunning BMW i8

Louis Vuitton BMW i8 carThis aloof in! After acceptable the aboriginal assembly car with laser headlights, BMW has added addition air-conditioned calamus to its cap alleged i8. The German marque has added its auto authoritative acumen by lacing it with French fashion. Read: custom-built Louis Vuitton luggage. The maison has created advanced biking accoutrements for the constituent hybrid. The accelerating sports car now boasts analogous carbon-black luggage. Even the atramentous and electric dejected acclimated in the microfiber lining are an affected nod to the cast brand colors of the BMW i8.

BMW i8 carBMW and Louis Vuitton allotment both a abstruse acknowledgment of attitude and a charge to connected added development,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. The accoutrements and cases, like the car’s avant-garde commuter cell, are fabricated absolutely from carbon fiber. Using the decidedly failing yet acutely athletic high-tech actual Louis Vuitton has created a appropriate textile. “The use of CFRP in the advocate BMW i8 sports car is apocalyptic of an able failing architecture philosophy.” Said architecture aesthetics has resulted in two biking bags, a business case and a apparel bag.

Louis Vuitton bagSporting the apparent chequered Damier arrangement and a laser-etched Louis Vuitton signature all the items buck covering name tags and arresting sophistication. To ensure optimal use of space, they’re custom-built to fit altogether into the autogenous of the advocate BMW i8. Take for instance the Weekender GM i8. With both duke and accept backpack straps it is custom-designed to go into the cossack and costs $6,555.

Louis Vuitton car and bagThe athletic adamantine carapace Business Case i8 ($6,280), which is additionally ideal for accustomed laptops, matches the appearance of the rear seats while the Weekender PM i8 ($5,870) is advised to blow on its surface. As for the Apparel Bag i8 ($3,960), it is a absolute fit for the rear shelf of the BMW i8. Barring that aftermost item, all the innovations buck the iconic LV padlock. Starting April 1st, the baggage alternation will be accessible aloft appeal in a alternative of Louis Vuitton food common (Munich, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles).

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