Impeccable Fashion Trends at Gilt Dinner

 Impeccable Fashion Trends at Gilt Dinner

Gilt Dinner Fashion Trends

Gilt Dinner Fashion Trends Recently, a dinner was hosted by Gilt which was rather a unique yet flashy event in its own sense. The Gilt dinner was basically for the fashion people and more specifically the fashionable men! Many popular fashion designers, fashion editors and celebrities were spotted at the Gilt dinner, all in their own unique style and making a fashion statement of their own. The diner was thrown in order to announce the latest upcoming sensation by Gilt which is Park and Bond, a full price shopping standalone. Park and Bond is a name which is as interesting and as innovative as much as the styling of fashionable men at Gilt dinner. The name has been taken from Park Avenue and Bond Street.

At Gilt Dinner Something which was very interesting to note  was how casually and in a boyish manner everyone was dressed up. Rolled-up sleeves, jeans, tapered shorts, casual blazers and other stuff of such sort was clearly observed. But it  look charming in its own way and off course the way the fashionable men made a fashion statement through it was even more impressive. A popular fashion designer Simon Spurr summed up the look at Gilt dinner as the “Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn look” which is quite appropriate.

Mr. Euan Rellie at Gilt Dinner

The Gilt dinner was incomplete without the appearance of Neil Patrick Harris who is a diehard fan of Gilt and nearly fills most of his closet with only online shopping through Gilt.  He was spotted in a white shirt and a nice fitted black blazer fashion. According to one of the fashionable men at Gilt dinner, who happens to be a banker to Mr. Euan Rellie, people were flawlessly dressed up and matched well with the fashion and style of Gilt. At Gilt Dinner he himself wore a grey suit and a tie which made him go perfectly with his look in fashionable men as a banker.

Fashion lovers and fans of Gilt

The good news announced at Gilt dinner for all the fashion lovers and fans of Gilt was that they will be offering a VIP card for Park and Bond on which the fashion lovers will get a lifetime discount. Indeed, the gilt dinner was a big hit and much loved by the fashionable men and other glitterati present at the dinner. Gilt Dinner  surely brought some exciting fashion trends for the Gilt lovers.

Fashion was alive at Gilt Dinner for a modern lifestyle.

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