Denim Do’s and Don’ts

 Denim Do’s and Don’ts

Following are certain Denim Do’s and Don’ts which must be followed religiously if you really want to look good. There are seven very important dos and don’ts of wearing denim that people should be aware of when purchasing new jeans. More precisely, there are four dos and three don’ts that should be followed. These “rules” fall into five different categories.

Denim Do’s and Don’ts

1. Proper fit

2. Awareness regarding bulging

3. Proper length

4. Not for corporate wear

5. Taking care of Denim

1. Do Focus on Body Type:

The most important is to focus on the body type. Many who focus on fashion often overlook the fitting giving them a very unruly look.

Body Type

Proper Fit

Jean Style, Color, or Pockets

Tall and thin; athletic

Snug jeans to help accentuate and create curves Skinny, super skinny, low rise; light colored denim; back pockets


Flared leg to create skinny jean silhouette Mid to high waist; darker color; minimal pocket detailing


Wide flare leg to offset hips Mid-rise; mid-sized pockets

As seen above, there are some easy guidelines to follow in order to obtain the perfect pair of jeans for every body type.

2. Do Find the Proper Length:

The key to finding the proper length denim pants is to consider the shoes you will be wearing when sporting the denim. Another thing to consider is turning the jeans inside out, washing in cold water, and tossing them in the dryer (this time only). Denim tends to shrink up to a half of an inch when dried.

When is it OK to wear Denim?

3. Don’t Cause Unsightly Bulges

When shopping for a high quality pair of denim jeans, there are a few absolute don’ts that you should follow in order to prevent yourself from looking less than perfect. You need to be sure that the denim you are looking to purchase is not too tight on the hips and legs, like skinny and super skinny jeans. For people with larger stomachs, high waist jeans are better, or even the tummy – tuck variety, to help hide the size of the area.

4. Do Dress up Denim on Occasion:

Social occasions are the best place to wear Denims.

5.  Don’t Wear Denim to Corporate Functions:

You need to remember that denim is still denim, no matter how dressy they try to make the jeans. The jeans can be worn casually, to a nightclub, or to a semi-formal social occasion. They can also be worn to the office, on “casual Fridays” only. This is a Denim Don’t! Caring for Denim Properly

6. Do Turn the Denim Inside Out:

When washing their denim jeans, you should always turn the pants inside out before putting them into the washing machine. This will help prolong the life by preventing the indigo dye from running. Denim should always be washed in cold water to prevent any shrinkage from occurring. Use a mild detergent, and never pour it directly on the jeans, as it may cause blotching. Once washed, turn the jeans right side out, shake the pants out, and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands to prevent any unsightly creases from forming. Another useful Denim Do.

7. Don’t put Denim in the Dryer:

You should never put their denim jeans in the dryer because the heat can cause them to shrink up to a full size. The denim items should be hung up in the shade to dry. Never hang them in the sun, since direct sunlight can cause denim to fade. You should not iron denim pants if you want the lived-in look. Denim should not be set to soak, as the indigo dye will run, which can cause the denim to fade faster. This is a strict Denim Don’t.

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