Boots Fashion in Hot Summer

 Boots Fashion in Hot Summer


Boots Fashion in Summer

Summer Boots? What are summer Boots? Are these the questions popping in your mind when you read about summer boots? Well nothing is strange about it if you have these questions because the word Boots gives us the image of cold climate and heavy garments. But things have changed, boots are no more something used to save you from cold temperature but they are hot new summer fashion. The designers and manufacturers are focusing on light weight shoes designed in low cuts to keep you comfortable in summer. The idea of summer boots is surely going to stay because it is very much welcomed in every segment.

Women who once wanted to show their feet and felt comfortable in slippers, sandals etc. are also inclined towards fancy comfortable summer boots. Now women have different reasons to wear boots. Those who work in frigid office environment feel comfortable in boots even in summer.

People who are addicted to wearing socks, summer boots with low cuts help them hide the socks underneath. Fashion fanatic women love the idea of wearing fashionable shoes with bare legs, as the style statement.

Well, all those who are fascinated by the idea of wearing summer boots, here are few suggestions for you.

1. Chose boots with low cuts, those who stop at the mid-calf area or ankle. Guys may want to go for long boots as they feel more comfortable in them but low boots is surely going to fascinate them.

2. Go for those boots which are made of light material like soft fabric, so that they don’t get uncomfortable for you when worn for long hours.

3. Light colors should be chosen like cream, beige, white and Putty; they tend to work well in hot summer.

4. You can opt from a variety of boot styles, formal, sneakers, joggers and a lot of variety for females also.

5. With long nails you will not be very comfortable in boots, so try keeping your nails at medium length so you don’t get hurt. This tip is specially directed towards females who like having long nails.

6. Boots in summer may get uncomfortable if not neutralized. So guys should wear socks which are not warm and prefer trousers or shorts made of cotton and females should avoid stockings and prefer wearing skirts or shorts.
Hope our suggestions make your experience of wearing summer boots a comfortable and amusing one.


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