2010 Winter Fashion Trends

 2010 Winter Fashion Trends

2010 winter fashion trendsTime to wear casual jeans and look smart, this is very much a theme of 2010 fashion trends among smart casual jeans accompanied by a stylish sport jacket and screen printed tee. Check out the latest from the list of men’s fashion.

In winter season, the term ‘smart casual’ is still popular and how you go about this depends on your personal style statement. Jeans can be worn throughout the winter climate, though a variation of shade must occur (for example, wearing light-blue “summer” denim is still out of order) though light gray and black remain acceptable. Black dyed denim jeans are somewhat bettered by pinstriped or patterned (say, in a slight chevron pattern) cotton flat-front casual pants is also an important theme of 2010 fashion trends.

2010 fashion trends include screen printed t-shirts and band t-shirts which have also skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and many popular retail chains such as Blue notes, Randy River, Urban Planet, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Aeropostale have a variety of inexpensive screen printed shirts with high-contrast colours which can be worn during the evening or during summer months.

Apart from jeans, another item which has become very much in vogue, is the men’s hat – particularly the fedora, newsboy, and Kangol caps. Commonly offered in pinstriped patterns as well as embroidered with various characters such as skulls and script, hats are once again setting the men’s fashion trend higher than ever and men from all walks of life love to wear it.

Patterned polka dot pocket Squares and handkerchiefs with regard to a more formal or business casual style, an appeal to personality and flair is certainly evident with recent fashion resurgences in office and formal wear of men.

Whatever the changes the season may bring, it remains of prime importance that men take the care to refresh their wardrobes – retiring the pilled and much-loved contenders of yesteryear in favour of newer, more inspired offerings in a slew of vibrant and daring cuts and colours.

2010 fashion trends offers so much colours, variety and style for men all you have to do is to check your, nearest departmental store and make your first move!

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