Prince William’s silence over Kate Middleton branded a ‘necessary reaction’ to Prince Harry

 Prince William’s silence over Kate Middleton branded a ‘necessary reaction’ to Prince Harry

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Prince William’s recent actions have ignited a discussion among observers regarding the protective measures he seems to be taking, which some experts suggest are a direct response to Prince Harry’s previous actions that have been perceived as using their royal status for personal gain.

Royal commentator Richard Kay has shed light on the subject through a comprehensive analysis in the Daily Mail, where he delves into the decisions made by Prince William and Kate Middleton, particularly concerning their privacy and family life.

Because “no explanation has ever been offered, but in an institution like the Royal Family, where presentation is fundamental, it looks like an error. An error compounded by the fiasco over the photograph.”

Mr Kay also referenced the couple’s decision to take their own snaps as well and added, “For several years they have chosen to take their own pictures of their children on landmark occasions, rather than inviting a stranger in to do so.”

“Often the results are charming, and there is no doubt that the pictures taken by Kate of the children are infinitely warmer than those Charles and Diana commissioned of their young sons by society cameramen such as the late Lord Snowdon.”

Perhaps, “For William, the experience of his own childhood, and the vicious fights between his parents, must still be raw. And with Kate, he has constructed an idyllic domestic set-up. In part, it has been a necessary reaction to the devastating behavior of his brother Harry and Meghan over the past four years.”

One of the key points Kay makes is the couple’s choice to move away from the hustle and bustle of London to the more secluded Windsor Great Park. While this decision is seen as beneficial for the education and upbringing of their children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, it also raises questions about the couple’s desire for privacy and the extent to which they are distancing themselves from public scrutiny.

Kay suggests that this inclination towards privacy might be a strategic move by Prince William to safeguard his family from the type of public exposure and controversy that have marked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from royal duties, often referred to as Megxit. According to Kay, the Sussexes’ approach to handling their royal responsibilities and public image has led to a situation where they have ‘weaponized their royal lives,’ leveraging their royal status for personal and public narratives.

Whereas since Megxit “William has chosen to conceal as much as he can, not just from the public gaze but also to put it out of reach of his brother and sister-in-law.” “The ad hominem attacks on him and Kate in Harry’s bitter memoir Spare may one day be forgiven but they will never be forgotten.”

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