Prince William secretly ‘devastated’ over feud with Prince Harry: Royal Author

 Prince William secretly ‘devastated’ over feud with Prince Harry: Royal Author

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The once close-knit bond between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry has unfortunately frayed over time, leading to a profound sense of regret for the Prince of Wales. Royal author Tom Quinn has shed light on the emotional turmoil Prince William is experiencing due to the growing distance between him and Harry.

The Prince of Wales, who has been estranged from Harry, is devastated about how the rift between them has deepened over the years, per royal author Tom Quinn. This sense of loss comes at a particularly challenging time for William, as he grapples with significant family health concerns, with both his wife, Kate Middleton, and his father, King Charles, facing cancer diagnoses.

Amidst these personal trials, there’s a glimmer of hope for a potential, albeit brief, reconciliation, as Prince Harry is expected to make a trip to the UK for an event related to the Invictus Games in May. “William is sad and bewildered at how bad things have become with his brother, but he is pragmatic about this and believes Harry will always be trouble,” Quinn told The Mirror.

This visit opens up an opportunity for the brothers to come together, albeit under the shadow of the complexities that have marked their relationship in recent years. Tom Quinn has hinted that during Harry’s forthcoming visit, there might be a short meeting between the siblings. The aim of this encounter would be to navigate the delicate dynamics of their relationship without delving into potentially contentious discussions that could exacerbate the situation.

Quinn’s insights further reveal that Prince Harry finds himself in a position where avoiding his family, and particularly his brother, is not a viable option. The upcoming trip to the UK, therefore, becomes an inevitable crossing of paths for the brothers, amidst a backdrop of strained familial ties and public scrutiny. This situation underscores the intricate balance Harry must maintain between his commitments and the inevitable interactions with his royal family members.

Previously, a pal of William told The Daily Beast that the royal “hates” his brother for everything that he wrote in his bombshell memoir Spare, especially painting William in a negative light. As the royal family continues to navigate their personal and public challenges, the possibility of a meeting between William and Harry, however brief, signals a crucial moment.

It reflects the enduring connection between the brothers, despite the rifts that have developed. This potential interaction, set against the backdrop of significant health concerns within the family, highlights the complex interplay of duty, personal relationships, and the public personas that the royal family members must uphold.

The upcoming visit of Prince Harry to the UK thus becomes more than just an engagement for the Invictus Games; it represents a moment fraught with personal significance and the potential for subtle gestures of reconciliation amidst ongoing family dynamics.

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