Why does Prince William ‘roll his eyes’ at the mention of The Crown series? Exploring recent remarks by Robert Hardman

 Why does Prince William ‘roll his eyes’ at the mention of The Crown series? Exploring recent remarks by Robert Hardman

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The love story between Kate Middleton and Prince William has taken center stage in the latest season of The Crown, a highly praised television series. Despite its widespread acclaim, the royal couple themselves have opted not to watch the show, and their perspective on the matter has been revealed.

In a recently published book by royal biographer Robert Hardman, titled “The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy,” it is disclosed that Prince William is not a fan of The Crown, despite its popularity among the public. According to a close source to Prince William mentioned in the book, “The Prince…dismisses it as mere drama.”

The source also noted, “However, he refrains from drawing attention to it by complaining, as he wishes to avoid the perception of being a constant complainer.” Interestingly, when Prince William does indulge in television, his preferences lean towards superhero movies, particularly enjoying titles such as Deadpool and anything related to Batman, as per reports from the Daily Mail.

In contrast, Prince Harry appears more laid-back about The Crown. During a 2021 interview with James Corden, he remarked, “They don’t claim to be news. It’s fiction. But it draws inspiration from reality. Naturally, it’s not entirely accurate.” The Duke of Sussex expanded on his comfort with The Crown’s portrayal, noting that it provides a general idea of the challenges tied to prioritizing duty and service over family.

He underscored his discomfort with real news stories about his family, wife, or himself being treated as facts, while The Crown is acknowledged as fiction. Prince Harry emphasized the need to distinguish between real events and fictional narratives.

In a subsequent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2023, Prince Harry admitted to watching The Crown and acknowledged fact-checking while viewing it. He stressed the importance of maintaining historical accuracy and reiterated his concern about news stories being mistaken for facts while fictional depictions are recognized as such.

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