Prince William and Kate Middleton go against each other on the crucial decision “Kate Can’t Bear the Thought of George Suffering”

 Prince William and Kate Middleton go against each other on the crucial decision “Kate Can’t Bear the Thought of George Suffering”

(Image: John Walton/PA Wire)

Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to be at odds over a life-changing decision regarding their eldest son, Prince George. The Princess of Wales, currently undergoing cancer treatment, is reportedly “heartbroken” over a disagreement with William about George’s future schooling. Sources claim that Kate, who was “horribly bullied” at her first boarding school, does not want George to endure the same experience.

The royal couple is reportedly divided on whether Prince George should attend Eton College, the alma mater of William and his brother Harry. This decision would mark a departure from the older generation’s preference for the Scottish boarding school Gordonstoun. While William is in favor of Eton when George is of age, Kate is purportedly not keen on the idea.

Speaking to Touch Weekly, an insider revealed that Kate has strong reservations about sending George to the elite boys’ school. The source alleges that Kate’s own negative experiences of being bullied are at the heart of her concerns. “Kate can’t bear the thought of George suffering through that,” the insider said.

Kate’s early education was at Downe House, a girls’ boarding school in Berkshire, which she “hated” so much that she left mid-term. She subsequently transferred to Marlborough College, a mixed boarding school in Wiltshire, where she completed her education.

“Kate thinks sending George to such a stuffy, upper-crust institution goes against all of their efforts to modernize the monarchy,” according to the insider. The couple’s differing opinions highlight the broader challenges they face in balancing tradition with their desire to modernize the royal family. As they navigate this critical decision, the well-being of Prince George remains a top priority for both parents.

This disagreement has also sparked a broader discussion among royal watchers and the public about the future direction of the royal family. Some believe that adhering to traditional choices like Eton reflects the continuity and stability of the monarchy, while others support Kate’s view that modernizing aspects of royal life is essential for its relevance and connection with the public.

As the family continues to deliberate, the outcome of their decision will likely have a significant impact on Prince George’s upbringing and the public perception of the royal family’s ability to evolve with the times.

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