Prince William feels ‘lonely’ amid Kate Middleton’s cancer battle

 Prince William feels ‘lonely’ amid Kate Middleton’s cancer battle

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Prince William is confronting his own struggles while his wife, Kate Middleton, continues to recover from her battle with cancer. The Prince of Wales has taken some time off to support Princess Kate through her treatment and to care for their children, allowing her to recuperate peacefully. However, the situation has brought its own set of challenges for William.

British broadcaster and photographer Helena Chard told Fox News Digital that William must be dealing with significant emotional strain alongside his responsibilities as the future King. “The emotional drain and the immense responsibility as the future King must present their own hurdles,” Chard remarked.

“I imagine Prince William has suffered his own private turmoil, having both his father and wife undergoing cancer treatment at the same time, and without the support from his brother, Prince Harry,” she told the outlet.

“It must… be a lonely time,” she continued. “I know he values every moment he spends with his wife as a doting husband and family man… Both the Prince and Princess of Wales have had time to reflect on life while the princess has been undergoing treatment.”

She added, “They have spent as much time together as possible and, I can imagine, are closer than ever. They have endured a surprising wake-up call and will want to seize each day and live their best lives ever.”

This update comes amid reports that Kate did not serve as Inspecting Officer for the traditional Colonel’s Review on Saturday. The Duchess’s absence underscores the severity of her health issues and the additional pressure on Prince William as he navigates both his personal and royal duties during this difficult time.

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