Prince William and Kate Middleton Throw Unprecedented Support Behind Israel Amidst Heartbreaking Hamas Invasion

 Prince William and Kate Middleton Throw Unprecedented Support Behind Israel Amidst Heartbreaking Hamas Invasion

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In light of the harrowing invasion of Israel by the terrorist organization, Hamas, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have voiced their substantial support for Israel through a statement unveiled by a spokesperson this Wednesday.

Describing themselves as “profoundly distressed” by the tragic and devastating events of the past week, the royal couple vehemently condemned the violent acts perpetrated by Hamas. Labeling the onslaught of Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel as “appalling,” their statement elucidated that despite Israel’s pursuit of its self-defense, an unsettling shadow of grief, fear, and anger is poised to linger amongst Israelis and Palestinians alike in the ensuing times.

Historically, Prince William marked a significant moment in 2018 by being the first member of the Royal Family to officially visit Israel, a decision avoided by royals for over seven decades, including Queen Elizabeth II, who did not visit Israel during her lengthy reign.

Concurrently, King Charles III, expressing his utter shock and dismay at the “barbaric acts of terrorism” unfolding in Israel, requested to be consistently and actively informed, as per a statement released on Wednesday, sourced by Reuters.

The situation has drawn international attention and, amidst this crisis, U.K. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, affirming the U.K.’s “unwavering support” for Israel in unequivocal terms. Cleverly pointedly articulated, “Hamas are terrorists,” further asserting Israel’s right to self-defense and placing sole responsibility and accountability for the gruesome attacks on Hamas.

As the strife escalates, and the death toll of Americans in Israel, purportedly due to Hamas, ascends to 22, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is scheduled to visit Israel on Wednesday. Prior to departure, Blinken conveyed a strong message of solidarity, assuring that the “U.S. has Israel’s back.”

Meanwhile, Blinken and several White House officials have persistently rebuffed accusations asserting that President Joe Biden inadvertently fueled the Hamas invasion. Critics, particularly from the Republican side, spotlight Biden’s recent facilitation of $6 billion in previously blocked Iranian funds – following the release of five detained Americans – as potential financial means utilized to orchestrate the attacks.

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