Royal biographer Tom Bower tells Piers Morgan on TalkTV that Prince Harry only did his UN talk for money & his Netflix show

 Royal biographer Tom Bower tells Piers Morgan on TalkTV that Prince Harry only did his UN talk for money & his Netflix show

PRINCE Harry only gave a talk at the UN headquarters “to get money” and “for Netflix”, royal biographer Tom Bower told Piers Morgan on TalkTV.

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex entered politics today when he gave the keynote speech at a commemoration of International Nelson Mandela Day in New York.

He announced a “global assault on democracy and freedom” before informing guests as he arrived hand-in-hand with his wife Meghan Markle.

Harry agreed to speak, however, “because he needs a profile,” claims investigative journalist Bower, the author of the shocking new book In Revenge: Meghan, Harry, And The War Between The Windsors.

Everything he and Meghan do, according to the author, “is built around the future documentary series.”

On TalkTV tonight, Piers asked Bower: “Why does he do this, what does he think he achieve by it?”.

Bower responded: “He does it because he needs a profile, that’s the only way they can get money by showing the profile and for Netflix.

“Everything is built around the future documentary series to promote the Sussexes.”

Piers then pressed Bower on whether the UN should have “avoided using people like Harry”, who the presenter claimed is “rankly hypocritical for preaching about climate change but using private jets”.

Bower said: “Well it was pretty empty the auditorium, wasn’t it.

“The UN is quite famous for being a center of hot air.

“What was unbelievable was Mandela’s legacy was really betrayed by the South Africans and South Africa could have been a completely different country if Mandela had been able to live a few more years.

“I just thought he really skitted over all the problems of Africa and the self-inflicted problems when he just lives in luxury in Montecito.”

When the couple arrived at the UN headquarters in New York today, Harry was beaming as he celebrated International Nelson Mandela Day.

The bombshell new book claims that some of Harry’s closest friends had arguments with Meghan over her rigorously woke ideas and came to the conclusion that she had no sense of humor.

The book claims that she acted “princessy” with the Prince’s friends from the start of their relationship, didn’t make an effort, and got upset by their jokey banter.

Bower writes: “Like other shooting weekends, Harry was looking forward to endless banter, jokes — and a lot of drinking.

“He had not anticipated Meghan’s reaction. Their jokes, involving sexism, feminism, and transgender people, ricocheted around the living rooms and dining rooms.

“Without hesitation, Meghan challenged every guest whose conversation contravened her values.

“According to Harry’s friends, again and again, she reprimanded them about the slightest inappropriate nuance. Nobody was exempt. Harry’s world would not be her world.” 

Bower also writes in the book that Meghan, 40, was given an audition for Strictly Come Dancing but turned it down because of her Suits schedule.

In November 2013, Meghan traveled to London in the hopes of landing attention, work, and an English boyfriend.

The book asserts that the Queen expressed relief that Meghan did not go to Prince Philip’s funeral with her most trusted staff.

Bower alleges that she told her aides on the day of the funeral: “Thank goodness.”

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