Will Omid Scobie’s assertions on the royal family be rejected by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

 Will Omid Scobie’s assertions on the royal family be rejected by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

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The upcoming release of “Endgame,” a book by Omid Scobie, is stirring controversy with its latest revelations about the British royal family. This has led to heightened anticipation for a response from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, especially given Scobie’s perceived closeness to the couple.

Set to be available on Tuesday, the book is already causing a stir among royal fans and commentators. Scobie, who has been seen as sympathetic towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has drawn speculation and comments from royal observers.

Some believe that Harry and Meghan may have shared insider information with the author. This perception has prompted calls from various royal experts for the Sussexes to address the claims made in the book. They suggest that Harry and Meghan should defend their royal family members to rebuild trust and potentially heal familial rifts, reported the Independent.

There’s a belief among some fans and commentators that Scobie’s new book aims to reinforce Harry and Meghan’s narrative about their experiences within the royal family. The book delves into topics such as the monarchy’s future and the alleged minor rivalry between Prince William and King Charles. A response from Harry and Meghan, particularly if they express displeasure over these claims, could potentially mend relationships within the royal family and also resonate positively with their supporters.

Scobie’s reputation as a sympathizer of the Sussexes has been a topic of discussion, with past allegations suggesting he was acting as their friend and spokesperson. Both Harry, Meghan, and Scobie have reportedly been trying to distance themselves from these claims.

Eva Wolchover, the writer of “Endgame,” indicates that the book shares similarities with Prince Harry’s own memoir “Spare,” where he criticized various actions of the royal family, including their treatment of Meghan Markle. The release of “Endgame” is expected to add another layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding the royal family and the Sussexes’ place within it.

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