Royal Experts Say That Queen Would Not Voluntarily Abdicate

 Royal Experts Say That Queen Would Not Voluntarily Abdicate

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The Telegraph hosted a panel of prominent Royal experts on Wednesday night to debate the moments that define the Queen’s 70-year reign to commemorate her Platinum Jubilee.

The conversation, moderated by Camilla Tominey, Associate Editor at The Telegraph, covered the aftermath of “Megxit,” the ongoing sex assault investigation against Prince Andrew, and the Royal Family‘s future.

The Queen has “always put the monarchy ahead of everything else,” according to royal biographer Penny Junor.

Suzannah Lipscomb, a historian and academic, agreed, describing Her Majesty’s approach as “duty first and self second.”

Discussing the response to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping down as senior members of the family and the US court case against the Duke of York, Professor Lipscomb said the Queen has shown “integrity”.

“I think it does show her protection at the end of the institution, of the family.”

Although the panelists agreed that the Queen would not abdicate “voluntarily,” they stated Prince Charles is an “extraordinary man” who inspires true devotion from a “huge number of people.”

As per Yahoo, Prof Lipscomb believes the monarchy will be “slimmed down” to focus on the line of succession, but there are concerns about how different a male on the throne will be in comparison to the Queen’s “maternal presence.”

“Sustaining that relationship between the UK and the Commonwealth would really be a way of sustaining her legacy,” Prof Lipscomb added.

“That’s been really her greatest achievement, and she cares about it so very much.”

Ms. Junor said: “For the monarchy to survive, it has to be seen to be useful and fulfilling a purpose and not costing the earth and just to be worthwhile and for people to be able to relate to it.”

Prof Lipscomb said the Queen has been an “absolute constant anchor in the midst of these seas”, during all of the cultural and political transformations that have transpired during her 70-year reign.

The monarch will be remembered for her consistency, the Commonwealth, the duration of her reign, and her emphasis on reconciliation and unity, according to her.

Ms. Junor further said: “I think she will be remembered as the mother of the nation.”

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