Queen Elizabeth’s Recent Public Appearance has Royal Fans Concerned About the Monarch’s Health

 Queen Elizabeth’s Recent Public Appearance has Royal Fans Concerned About the Monarch’s Health


Queen Elizabeth is 95 years old, but she has always been seen as a tower of strength in the monarchy, so the sighting of her walking with a cane at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday has many royal fans worried. According to Reuters, the last time she was seen using a walking aid was in 2003 and 2004, when she underwent knee surgery. Since then, her health has been pretty good.

Many netizens were also saddened to see the Queen using a cane, one tweeted, “I know she’s 95, but it’s a little sad to see #QueenElizabeth using a cane to walk.” Another shared, “I’ve noticed that in the latest appearances she looks thinner. All the stress surrounding her family and the loss of Philip seems to affect her deeply. I know it’s probably because of her age but I hope she’s well! She looks fab and regal even with a stick.” Yes, she’s had a very emotional year with the death of Prince Philip, the love of her life, but do agree that she carries that walking stick with dignity.

The health of Queen Elizabeth has long been a source of discussion among royal experts. Author Bryan Kozlowski told the New York Post, “She has aged incredibly well and is the paradigm of health and wellness.” He was so inspired by her passion for life that he wrote a book about it, Long Live the Queen! 23 Living Rules From Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch So we should take cues from the royal family’s matriarch, who believes in “sensible exercise” like walking her beloved corgis and “simple meals” that include “the smallest sliver of cake.”

If you’re wondering how she’s managed to get through those difficult situations over the years, she has a really unique approach. “She has this willingness to adapt, which banishes the insidious stress you get from resisting change,” Kozlowski said.

“That contributes to longevity and a fulfilling existence for sure. So, let the Queen enjoy her cane, she’s proven time and again that she knows what she’s doing.

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