Queen Elizabeth’s Mysterious Sealed Letter to King Charles III from Her Deathbed

 Queen Elizabeth’s Mysterious Sealed Letter to King Charles III from Her Deathbed

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In her last red box, Queen Elizabeth II left a sealed letter for her son, King Charles III, as revealed in a new biography. This final red box, described as the “last completed homework of the longest reign in history,” was brought down by staff from the Queen’s deathbed at Balmoral.

The biography, detailing King Charles III’s life and the late Queen’s final hours, highlights the significance of the red boxes, a staple duty of the monarch, completed every day except Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Even in her final days, confined to her bedroom, Queen Elizabeth II diligently worked through these boxes.

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Biographer Robert Hardman narrates the moment following the Queen’s death on September 8, 2022, when her private secretaries, Sir Edward Young and Sir Clive Alderton, were presented with the last red box she reviewed. Inside, they discovered a sealed letter addressed to the Prince of Wales and a private letter to Sir Edward himself, their contents remaining a mystery but indicating the Queen’s awareness of her imminent end.

Additionally, the box contained the Queen’s approved shortlist for the Order of Merit, marking the final document she handled. This act exemplified her dedication to her duties, as she continued to work even from her deathbed.

The biography, “Charles III” by Robert Hardman, also shares insights into the Queen’s final days, including her delight over her horse’s victory at Goodwood and her interactions with Prime Ministers. As her health declined, arrangements for a virtual Privy Council meeting were made, only to be canceled on medical advice.

Scheduled for release on January 18 in hardback by Macmillan, “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story” offers an in-depth look at the transition of the monarchy and the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s historic reign.

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