Prince William’s ‘significant’ move ‘worrying’ sign of Kate Middleton’s health

 Prince William’s ‘significant’ move ‘worrying’ sign of Kate Middleton’s health

Image Source: InStyle

Prince William’s unexpected withdrawal from a significant royal engagement just an hour before its commencement has raised eyebrows among observers.

At the memorial service for King Constantine II of Greece, led by Queen Camilla at Windsor Castle, Prince William’s absence was conspicuous. Scheduled to take on a key role, reading a eulogy for the late monarch at St. George’s Chapel, the Prince of Wales was notably absent, citing his ongoing cancer treatment as the reason for his absence.

While Kensington Palace provided no elaboration on William’s absence, they maintained that Kate Middleton’s recovery from her recent abdominal surgery was progressing well, told Mail Online.

Royal commentator Sarah Hewson noted that the late King of Greece was Prince William’s “godfather, the second cousin of the King, a close friend of the King, first cousin once removed of Prince Phillip” and he was his “sailing partner.”

“There are very good close ties between these two families, and members of the Royal Family don’t like to pull out,” she said. “They don’t like to let people down at the last minute, and they certainly wouldn’t have wanted that public announcement that he’d had to pull out, either because of the questions it stands to raise.”

The sudden change in plans for the future king has prompted speculation, particularly given the personal significance of the event. Royal commentator Sarah Hewson highlighted King Constantine’s close ties to William, being his godfather, second cousin to the King, and a sailing companion, among other connections.

Despite assurances regarding Kate’s health from royal sources, skepticism remains regarding the true reasons behind William’s absence. Royal biographer Phil Dampier expressed concern, particularly noting the proximity of William’s residence to the event venue, suggesting that the circumstances surrounding his absence are unsettling.

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