Prince William Pushes King Charles to Take Action Against Prince Andrew, Says Royal Commentator

 Prince William Pushes King Charles to Take Action Against Prince Andrew, Says Royal Commentator

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Prince William is reportedly instrumental in King Charles’ decision to evict Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge, driven by a long-held grudge. Writing for the Daily Mail, royal commentator Richard Kay suggested that the Prince of Wales influenced the 75-year-old monarch to take a firm stand against his disgraced brother.

William has been at odds with Andrew, particularly due to Andrew’s unwelcoming attitude towards Kate Middleton during the early days of their relationship. The Duke of York lost his working royal status and military titles after a disastrous interview with BBC Newsnight, which highlighted his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“Differences between monarch and heir do remain, especially when it comes to the Prince Andrew scandal,” wrote Richard in his piece for the outlet. “William has long held a grudge against Andrew for being unwelcoming when he first introduced the then Kate Middleton to the Royal Family and feels that his father has been too soft on him. “It has led to speculation that it is William who is pushing his father to evict the Duke of York from Royal Lodge, so the Waleses could move in,” he explained.

It has been alleged that Prince William, as heir to the throne, has been a voice of reason in urging the removal of Prince Andrew from his office at Buckingham Palace and keeping him out of official royal functions. “William has been very clear about the need to distance the royal family from Andrew’s scandals,” an insider noted.

King Charles has now demanded that his younger brother vacate Royal Lodge, a 30-room mansion, for a more modest residence at Frogmore Cottage, previously occupied by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, Andrew is reluctant to give up the luxurious property, citing a 75-year lease signed in his name following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

“Andrew feels that the lease gives him the right to remain at Royal Lodge, but the King and William are insistent,” the source added. “This is about more than just a residence; it’s about the image and integrity of the monarchy.”

The decision to move Andrew has not been without its challenges. The Duke of York has reportedly resisted the move, creating tension within the family. “There’s a sense of betrayal from Andrew’s side, but the royal family is prioritizing its public image,” the insider explained.

William’s influence in this matter underscores his growing role within the royal family and his commitment to upholding its values. His insistence on removing Andrew from prominent royal properties and functions reflects his dedication to restoring the monarchy’s reputation.

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