Prince William’s latest act called ‘disaster’ for him, says Tom Bower

 Prince William’s latest act called ‘disaster’ for him, says Tom Bower

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Tom Bower, a noted royal author, has vocally criticized Prince William’s recent appeal to quell discord, labeling the move as detrimental to the future monarch’s image. Bower articulated his concerns during a discussion on GB News, where he emphatically stated that Prince William’s foray into this matter was ill-advised and unwelcome, going as far as to call it a “disaster for Prince William.”

Bower’s critique extended to the advisors at Kensington Palace, whom he accused of failing to guide the Prince appropriately. He argued that the advisors should have cautioned Prince William against involving himself in the issue, suggesting that such involvement was bound to yield negative consequences.

Expressing his disappointment, Bower highlighted the potential for manipulation and the lack of advisory support that could have steered the Prince away from this contentious involvement. He drew comparisons with the Queen and Prince Charles, suggesting that neither would have ventured a comment on such matters, with Prince Charles being cautious even in his most audacious political comments.

Speaking to GB News, Bower said: “I think he’s been very badly advised; I think it’s quite appalling.”

The royal biographer went on: “I think that his officials in Kensington Palace should have warned him to stay out of it because it can only end badly.”

Bower’s critique did not stop with Prince William’s actions; he also targeted the Prince’s advisory team. He lamented the lack of sage advice that should have been provided to Prince William, cautioning him against delving into areas beyond his expertise or traditional royal boundaries.

According to Bower, the advisors should have underscored the importance of remaining silent on the issue, emphasizing that Prince William’s intervention was unnecessary and only served to politicize the matter further, thereby exacerbating the situation and implicating the monarchy in political debates.

In his conversation, Bower was unequivocal in his belief that Prince William’s advisors had not served him well, suggesting they lacked the foresight to prevent the Prince from making a misstep that could tarnish his public persona and the perceived neutrality of the royal institution.

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