Experts Claim Prince Harry Lacks Equal Partnership with Meghan Markle

 Experts Claim Prince Harry Lacks Equal Partnership with Meghan Markle

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With reports of a possible divorce looming, experts have recently accused Prince Harry of not having an equal partnership with Meghan Markle. Royal commentator and expert Tom Quinn shared his insights during a recent interview with The Mirror, discussing the dynamics of the couple’s relationship.

Quinn suggested that the marriage between Harry and Meghan may lack balance. He stated, “There seems to be a significant imbalance in their relationship. The public perception is that Meghan has a more dominant role, which could be creating tension.”

There he said, “No one has ever doubted that Harry and Meghan do not have an equal partnership when Harry famously said, ‘what Meghan wants Meghan gets,’ he neatly summed up the situation.” All in all, the expert believes, “Harry has always come across as a lost little boy”.

One that’s been “overprotected by the Royal family as a child and then suffering the death of his mother”. All in all, “he has always seemed unsure and indecisive, always searching for a strong partner who makes up for his own weakness.”

And “Meghan is very much that partner,” the expert noted before adding that it is because “she is ambitious, determined and a real fighter – Harry always tries to fight alongside her, but the battling, complaining Harry we see now did not exist before Meghan’s arrival on the scene.”

These comments come amid ongoing speculation about the stability of Harry and Meghan’s marriage. Since stepping down from their senior royal roles and moving to the United States, the couple has faced constant scrutiny and media attention.

Quinn elaborated on the potential issues within their marriage, saying, “An equal partnership is crucial, especially under the intense spotlight they are in. If one partner feels overshadowed or undervalued, it can lead to significant strain.”

The expert also pointed out the challenges Harry and Meghan face in their high-profile lives. “Living under such public scrutiny adds immense pressure. The relentless media attention and the expectations placed upon them can exacerbate any underlying issues.”

Despite the challenges, Quinn believes there is still hope for the couple. “If they can address these imbalances and work towards a more equal partnership, they have a chance to strengthen their relationship. Communication and mutual respect are key.”

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