Prince Harry sparks controversy over UK security concerns ahead of May visit

 Prince Harry sparks controversy over UK security concerns ahead of May visit

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Prince Harry is facing significant scrutiny following revelations from a source close to him about his apprehensions regarding security measures in the United Kingdom. This comes in light of his anticipated visit to the country in May. The situation has sparked a debate, particularly after comments from Charles Rae, a former Royal Correspondent, during a segment on GB News.

Rae expressed a critical viewpoint, suggesting that the Duke of Sussex should bear the financial responsibility for his security arrangements while in the UK. The insider’s disclosure of Prince Harry’s security concerns highlights the complex dynamics of his relationship with the British establishment, especially after his departure from royal duties and his move to the United States with Meghan Markle.

He said that the father-of-two “doesn’t know when to stop” as the Duke is all set to visit his home country for the Invictus Games church service to mark its 10th anniversary. “He thinks that Britain is the most unsafe country in the world. He’s clearly not remembered what it’s like in the United States,” Rae said of Prince Harry.

“At the moment he’s considering appealing yet again, so that’s going to add to the public purse,” he added. “I don’t think this guy knows when to stop. How many times does he need to be told he’s no longer a member of the working Royal Family? “

He is not entitled to have the police protections that are afforded to the Royal Family, which you and I pay for. If he comes here, he’s clearly rich enough to pay for his own private security. “If he comes here and is with or sees members of the Royal Family, he will be covered by the police protection that is around the Royal Family.”

The issue of security has been a contentious one, with Harry and Meghan previously voicing their unease over the protection afforded to them and their family, especially after stepping back from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family. Rae’s comments reflect a broader sentiment that Prince Harry, given his financial independence and earnings from various ventures including book deals and media productions, should not rely on public funds or royal coffers for his personal security during his visits to the UK.

This stance underscores the ongoing debate about the responsibilities and privileges of royals who choose to live outside the traditional structures and duties of the monarchy. Prince Harry’s security concerns are not without precedent; he has previously taken legal action against the British government for not providing him with security during his visits to the UK, arguing that the lack of protection exposes him and his family to significant risks.

This legal battle and his outspokenness on the matter have only fueled the public and media discourse surrounding his and Meghan’s relationship with the British royal family and the state. The discussion around Prince Harry’s security needs in the UK is emblematic of the broader challenges and scrutiny he faces as he navigates his post-royal life.

It raises questions about the obligations of the state to its former royals, the expectations placed on individuals who have sought to carve out a new path away from their royal duties, and the public’s perception of their right to state-funded security.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how Prince Harry will address his security concerns for his upcoming visit and how this issue will impact his and Meghan’s future engagements with the UK and their standing within the broader context of the royal family and its relationship with the public.

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