Prince Harry slams ‘Sussex website’ critics amid ‘King’s health’ crisis

 Prince Harry slams ‘Sussex website’ critics amid ‘King’s health’ crisis


In the wake of King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry has addressed the backlash surrounding the launch of his and Meghan Markle’s new website,, urging detractors to shift their focus towards the King’s health instead. The website’s unveiling came shortly after the public became aware of the King’s health condition, leading to a mixed reception from the public and media alike.

Critics have zeroed in on various aspects of the new site, particularly the couple’s continued use of their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles and the inclusion of the royal coat of arms on the homepage, sparking debates about the appropriateness of these choices given their current standing within the Royal Family.

Despite the surrounding controversy, Prince Harry has emphasized that the attention and energy being directed towards their website could be better spent on more pressing concerns, notably the health of his father, King Charles. A source close to the royal family conveyed to The Times that the uproar over the website has not resonated within the Royal Family itself, noting, “It isn’t any sort of problem for the rest of the Royal Family. It hasn’t even been part of a conversation.”

Harry’s primary concern, as highlighted by the insider, lies with the well-being of King Charles and Princess Kate, advocating for a redirection of the public’s focus to matters of health and family welfare.

The use of the coat of arms on the website, while contentious to some, reportedly hasn’t raised alarms within the royal household. The emblem is used by around 800 companies for various commercial purposes, suggesting that its appearance on the Sussex website is not unprecedented or particularly troubling to royal protocols.

The debate over Harry and Meghan’s entitlement to their royal titles in their post-royal life ventures has been a point of contention among critics, especially considering the couple’s step back from royal duties four years ago. The launch of marks a significant transition from their previous online platforms, including, which was discontinued at the Queen’s behest due to the inclusion of “royal” in the domain name, and their Archewell website established following their move to the United States in 2020.

As discussions around the website continue, Harry’s call for a more compassionate focus underscores the ongoing balancing act between their public endeavors and private family matters, especially in times of health crises within the royal family.

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