Prince Harry feels ‘lonely’ after relocating to US

 Prince Harry feels ‘lonely’ after relocating to US

Prince Harry | AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield spills the peppermint tea on Prince Harry’s California Christmas blues. The Duke of Sussex, 39, is apparently feeling the pinch of loneliness after trading in the royal chaos for Montecito’s laid-back vibes in 2020.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Schofield suggests that while Prince Harry yearns for the festive chaos of royal Christmases, his better half, Meghan Markle, is more interested in the jingle of financial gains than sleigh bells.

“Harry is likely very lonely… missing the chaos that surrounds those fun Christmases [with the Royal Family],” Schofield reveals. “But for Meghan, I think it is mostly financial.” According to her, Markle is keen on cashing in on the fame or infamy bestowed upon her.

As the Sussexes navigate the aftermath of their royal exit three years ago, Omid Scobie’s latest novel, “Endgame,” spills the royal tea on the tension within the family. Despite the rocky road, there’s a glimmer of hope for a comeback in 2024.

Insiders whisper that the power couple is set to reclaim the spotlight, with 2024 touted as their year of redemption. The duo is reportedly fielding media requests for entertainment and business opportunities, making them the VIPs of the Hollywood scene.

In Scobie’s tell-all, a bombshell drops: two mystery royals were revealed as the ones questioning the color of Archie’s skin before his 2019 arrival. Can Harry and Meghan turn the tide and sleigh 2024? Stay tuned for the royal encore!”

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