Prince Harry Faces Criticism on Twitter after Praising People Who Quit Their Jobs: ‘How would he know?’

 Prince Harry Faces Criticism on Twitter after Praising People Who Quit Their Jobs: ‘How would he know?’

Prince Harry | AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool

Prince Harry has been chastised for recently applauding those who leave their jobs to safeguard their mental health.

The Duke of Sussex mentioned the surge in job resignations owing to the epidemic during an interview with Fast Company magazine to promote his mental health-focused startup BetterUp. He described it as “a sign that with self-awareness comes the desire for change.”

“Many people all across the world have been stuck in occupations that don’t make them happy, and they’re now prioritizing their mental health and happiness. This is something to be proud of” Prince Harry contributed to the conversation.

His comments sparked outrage on Twitter, with some claiming that Prince Harry’s wealth makes him “out of touch.”

“How would he know?” you might wonder. Royal correspondent Robert Jobson took to Twitter. Another Twitter user replied, “Oh, he forgot [not everyone is a prince who can]afford to just quit a job.”

“Is he going to pay our salary when we leave? Those of us who don’t have millions are being asked for help “a third person wrote.

Another individual said, “He quits anything that is too difficult, therefore it’s not surprising he promotes other quitters.”

While one Twitter user agreed that “distance from toxic people and harmful places” is crucial, leaving a job is only “simple for folks who don’t have to worry about paying bills.”

One user said Prince Harry’s statement “very offended” them because they’ve been working hard for years to pay for their children’s education and the care of their aging father.

Despite the criticism, several people praised Prince Harry for putting his mental health ahead of his career.

One individual tweeted, “It’s smart to quit anything that is damaging your mental health.”

“Prince Harry, you expressed it well. Sometimes you have to take the initial move, which entails leaving” A second individual concurred.

“I completely agree. It’s best to avoid toxicity and an environment over which you have no control and which is resistant to change. One example is monarchy”, another added.

As per Washingtonnewsday, others pointed out that the Duke of Sussex didn’t advise people to quit their jobs; instead, he just expressed his support for those who were able to do so during the pandemic.

“He’s responding to the reality that so many individuals are resigning during the pandemic, as well as their reasons for doing so. They can’t all afford it, but they’re putting their mental health first,” a single person wrote.

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