Prince Harry dubbed ‘Petulant’, warned over the rift with the royal family

 Prince Harry dubbed ‘Petulant’, warned over the rift with the royal family


Prince Harry has been issued a major warning concerning his ongoing rift with the royal family, as King Charles and Kate Middleton undergo cancer treatment. This caution comes from royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, who has urged the Duke of Sussex to refrain from further attacks against his family.

In an interview with The Sun, Fitzwilliams described Prince Harry as “petulant” and stressed the potential consequences of his actions during this sensitive time. “You never know what may happen. And of course, two senior royals, the King and the Princess of Wales, are seriously ill,” Fitzwilliams stated.

“So you have a situation with a huge question mark in the future, and we have no knowledge or idea of how the Sussexes are going to respond in the future equally.” He went on saying, “They can’t attack the Royal Family at this time. Obviously it would be highly insensitive.”

“I think it’s abundantly clear that any rift is undesirable, and when individuals are ill who are involved in it, it makes it even more undesirable,” the royal expert added. Fitzwilliams, however, advised Harry and Meghan that if they, in their public appearances, decided to say something nice about the Firm, something positive, ‘I think that would be a step in the right direction.’

The warning comes at a time when the royal family is facing significant health challenges. King Charles and Princess Kate, both beloved figures within the monarchy, are reportedly battling cancer, adding an emotional layer to the existing familial tensions. Fitzwilliams’ remarks suggest that Harry’s continued public criticism could have serious ramifications, particularly given the current circumstances.

Fitzwilliams emphasized the importance of unity and discretion, advising Prince Harry to consider the broader implications of his words and actions. The expert’s comments highlight the delicate balance Harry must navigate as he deals with his strained relationship with the royal family while respecting their current health struggles.

The ongoing discord between Prince Harry and the royal family has been well-documented, with various public statements and media appearances exacerbating the situation. However, the recent health issues faced by King Charles and Princess Kate introduce a new element of urgency and sensitivity to the matter.

As the royal family endures these challenging times, the call for Prince Harry to exercise restraint and compassion becomes even more pertinent. Fitzwilliams’ warning serves as a reminder of the potential impact of Harry’s actions on his ailing family members and the importance of solidarity in the face of adversity.

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