‘Unforgivable’ Prince Harry lacks dignified, respectful silence on anything he dislikes

 ‘Unforgivable’ Prince Harry lacks dignified, respectful silence on anything he dislikes

Prince Harry | AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool

Prince Harry has recently come under criticism for what some see as a failure to maintain a respectful and dignified silence, especially in relation to his ongoing affairs and decisions impacting his family. This critique was highlighted by royal commentator Lee Cohen, who voiced concerns about the Duke of Sussex’s actions and their potential repercussions during a recent interview with GB News.

Cohen, known for his insights on royal matters, particularly those that intersect with international relations, specifically touched upon the complications arising from Prince Harry’s application for residency in the United States. The discussion delved into various dimensions of Harry’s decision to settle abroad, which has been a contentious issue both publicly and presumably within the royal family as well.

During his conversation on GB News, Cohen articulated worries about the possible negative reactions from Americans toward Prince Harry. These concerns stem from the perception that the Duke, by airing private matters publicly and pursuing personal interests in such a visible manner, might not be fully aligning with the traditional expectations of royal conduct that prioritize discretion and duty.

While Mr Cohen admits, “Harry is free to live wherever he wants, but it’s really staggering.” “It’s staggering that a prince of the blood has declared residence in another country, my country, and has no domicile in the land of his birth, and even has considered taking citizenship in a foreign country.”

“If Harry felt disinclined to royal service, all he had to do was withdraw and keep a dignified, respectful silence out of respect for his family,” after all. “Which is family, which is a part of a beloved thousand-year pillar of British society. It’s not any family.” All in all, “He launched unforgivable public attacks on them, published in his memoirs and accompanying interviews.”

The commentator’s remarks reflect a broader debate on how members of the royal family, especially those like Prince Harry who have chosen a somewhat independent path, should interact with the public and manage their personal narratives. Cohen suggested that Prince Harry’s approach could potentially alienate not only his familial relations but also the public in his adopted country, who may expect a certain level of decorum and reticence from royal figures.

Moreover, the interview highlighted the delicate balance that Prince Harry must navigate as he attempts to carve out a new life in a different cultural and media landscape while still retaining ties to his heritage and official royal duties. The critique points to a fundamental tension in Harry’s current situation: the challenge of integrating into American society with its distinct values and expectations, while also respecting the norms and traditions of his British royal background.

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