Prince Harry’s Blunt Critiques Stir Royal Controversy; Kate Middleton’s Uncle Reacts, ‘more beautiful on the inside

 Prince Harry’s Blunt Critiques Stir Royal Controversy; Kate Middleton’s Uncle Reacts, ‘more beautiful on the inside

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Prince Harry has come under fire for his harsh criticisms of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, along with other members of the Royal Family. These allegations have sparked significant backlash, especially from those close to the Princess of Wales.

Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton’s uncle, recently shared his thoughts with The Sun, defending his niece against the accusations made by Prince Harry. Goldsmith, who is gearing up to appear on Celebrity Big Brother on ITV, took the opportunity to express his admiration for Kate.

During the conversation, Goldsmith showered Kate, the Princess of Wales, with compliments, emphasizing her exceptional qualities both as an individual and as a mother. He described Kate as not only physically attractive but also possessing an inner beauty that surpasses her outward appearance. Goldsmith highlighted Kate’s deep commitment to her family, praising her role as a nurturing and dedicated mother.

Heaping praises on Kate, the Princess of Wales, he said, “She’s beautiful on the outside, but more beautiful on the inside and is a doting mum…so the way the monarchy is moving, it’s family-centric.”

“That’s why I got so upset with Harry and Meghan because you don’t put a stick into that spoke and reinvent history,” Goldsmith added.

Furthermore, Goldsmith touched upon the evolving nature of the monarchy, suggesting that it is increasingly centered around family values. He implied that Kate’s approach to her duties and her focus on her family align with these changing dynamics within the Royal Family.

The controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s allegations against Kate Middleton and other royals has stirred up a significant amount of discussion and debate. However, figures like Gary Goldsmith have come forward to offer a different perspective, praising Kate for her character and her contributions to the Royal Family.

“I think everyone felt the same about how much we love Harry and then throwing your family under the bus just seemed inappropriate, especially what was happening with the Queen. I just thought it was unnecessary.

“It’s absolute bull***t and I didn’t hide my feelings very well when I was offered the opportunity to say something, I just thought I’d say it as I saw it. I did think I caught the tone of the nation.”

This defense of Kate Middleton by her uncle underscores the complex interplay of personal relationships and public perceptions within the Royal Family. It also reflects the broader discussions about the monarchy’s future direction and the values it represents in contemporary society.

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